A Note from Kate: Holiday Health


Holidays and health don’t normally go together—that’s for after the first of the year, right?! Although I do indulge in November and December, I still believe in maintaining some sort of order amongst the seasonal madness!

The way I tackle health and diet during the holidays is by remaining mindful and keeping things balanced. There are some treats and non-negotiables that I know I can’t say no to. If I see a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows on top, I have to have it! On days when I have a holiday party or dinner, I will eat very clean during the daytime and the following day. I usually make myself a warm mug of water with lemon in the morning and a green juice, packed with veggies. If I’m hungry later on, I will have half an avocado or a hard-boiled egg. Sometimes, I am not even hungry after a crazy night of eating, so the key is listening to my body and its needs.

My suggestion is to map out what foods and events are really important to you. Make a plan and stick to only indulging on those occasions. Once you have a roadmap, it’s easier to avoid those pesky detours.

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