Treat Yourself: Guilt-Free Sweets to Celebrate the Holidays


[tps_header]From candy canes to gingerbread houses, sweets are everywhere during the holidays! If you’re looking to avoid desserts packed with processed sugar and unhealthy fats, play Sugar Plum Fairy for your winter festivities and whip up this wholesome trio of guilt-free treats.[/tps_header].

Peppermint Brownie Recipe

Raw Peppermint Brownies

If you’re having a chocolate craving that needs to be tamed right away, don’t waste any time on elaborate recipes that take hours to prepare. Simply toss these simple, healthy ingredients into a food processor and enjoy deliciously rich, paleo-friendly brownies without the guilt. Best of all, these chocolatey brownies are raw, which means you can enjoy them right away instead of pacing back and forth in front of the oven while they bake!

Gather This:

Do This:

  1. In a food processor, grind walnuts into a coarse, meal-like texture. Add pitted dates, cacao magic, salt (and peppermint oil if you want them to be minty) and blend in the food processor until the mixture turns into a moist, crunchy dough. If it’s dry, which will depend on the moisture content of the dates, add water, one teaspoon at a time, until it is moist enough for the crumbs to stick together when pinched between your fingers.
  2. Spread the mixture into an 8×8 pan and press firmly into a solid layer. Sprinkle the top of the brownie with peppermint chunks and cacao nibs or any other toppings you like. Another option is to roll the mixture into balls and then roll each brownie bite in your favorite crushed toppings.
  3. Refrigerate your brownies until firm, cut into squares or use cookie cutters to make shapes, if desired, and serve.
3 Responses
  • Kristina Haitsma
    December 23, 2015

    You shouldn’t feel guilty for anything you eat

  • Philosophie
    December 23, 2015

    So delicious!!!!! One of my favorite recipes ever

  • Raven Ebony Gentry
    December 26, 2015

    Autumn this looks yummy