In With The New: Fitness Trends Of 2016


A new year, a new you and so many options to choose from when it comes to fitness! 2016 is all about wellness, so start by checking out the latest fitness trends and seeing what routines you can add to your schedule. Studies have shown that students who enjoy their workouts will stick with it. Luckily, between modern technology, a billion classes to choose from and amazing trainers and wellness experts – everyone has the opportunity to be fit.

January is a time for resolutions, goal setting and becoming better than the year before; unfortunately, most of us drop our new year’s resolutions within the first week. With obesity, anxiety and depression rates rising rapidly, NOW is the time for a positive shift in your health. Globally, by raising awareness of connecting a healthy mind to a healthy body – we can achieve anything.

Fitness resolutions

Step one, find a style of working out that you enjoy. (Okay, so who REALLY likes working out???) At least find something that makes you feel good after you do it. Yoga, dance, circuit training, swimming…it is an endless list. 🙂

Step two, make a commitment to yourself. Write it down, create a vision board, gather a group of friends to take on a challenge with you – whatever it is, you must put it in your mind before you can start.

Step three, GO FOR IT. Put blinders on and don’t let anything stop you from taking care of yourself. When we have health – we have everything.

Looking ahead to 2016 here are the top exercise trends of the year:

Minimalist Workouts – There used to be a time that the gyms were overrun with new fitness enthusiasts and resolutioners on Jan 1st, determined to start anew in the New Year. These days though, fitness enthusiasts are more educated than ever, and realize that you don’t need a gym to stay fit–you can workout at home, with friends or outside with only minimal equipment that produces fantastic results. A few examples of the ideal at-home pieces of equipment are;
DVRT Ultimate Sandbag tops my list as one of the best investments you will make. The owner and creator of the company, Josh Henkin, prides himself on providing the users of the Ultimate Sandbag with a constant stream of useful, evidence-based information and workouts that can be done in as little as 20 minutes, that provide ‘real-life’ fitness and strength for people of all walks of life.
TRX is another great ‘minimalist’ fitness tool, folding up small enough that you can pop it in your suitcase for holiday getaways, hang it from a door or suspend it from a tree or play structure. It provides you with the quick, intense and effective workout you need. Other handy tools to keep around the house are kettlebells, dumbbells and sliders. Bodyweight training – This style of training has been around FOREVER. For great reason, your bodyweight is technically all you need to achieve results. Check out Global Bodyweight Training, Acroyoga and Pop Physique.

Online workouts – websites like and have a massive online library of workout videos to suit anyone’s needs or schedule. You can subscribe and learn many styles of training on your own time.

HIIT training – HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval training. It is a style that keeps your heart rate up and helps you to burn more calories in a shorter time than steady state cardio. Check out one of these killer classes that incorporate HIIT training: Jillian Michaels Bodyshred, Barry’s Bootcamp and Orange Theory.

Small group training – Studies have proven many times that working out with a team has more benefits than alone. Small group training is so popular because it is similar to a group exercise class, but has the element of a personal trainer. Check out a local bootcamp or put together a group of friends to check out classes on Classpass together.

Fitness Trackers – With health and wellness being one the biggest growing industries in 2015, it’s no wonder we are seeing a boom in fitness technology. With watches and monitors like Garmin, Microsoft Band and FitBit being everyday jewelry now, we have the ability to monitor everything from the number of steps, stairs and kilometers, to our heart rate zones and even sleep activity. This means we can basically track everything we need for optimal health. Apps like the Nike + Training Club and FitStar Personal Trainer mean that at a press of a button your workout can be delivered straight to your phone. The possibilities for apps are endless and I believe this is only the start of big things to come. Technology on our smartphones is empowering, it gets people moving and it creates an online community where we can be accountable with like-minded fitness people with similar goals and interests, all at the press of a button.

Personal Training – When you hire a personal trainer, you are not only committing to the gym, you are making a commitment to accountability. There are so many incredible trainers in each city so be sure to find someone who pushes you and knows their stuff.

Yoga – Although yoga has been around for thousands of years, it is getting increasingly more popular and for good reason. Yoga is a way to truly connect our mind, body and spirit so that we can be well in all areas of our lives. There are not only traditional yoga classes, but studios like Core Power Yoga are teaching the ancient practice with a twist to appeal to a larger population.

Meditation/Self awareness – We live in a fast-paced world, where it seems that we are constantly rushing around, stressed out at home and work, and then when we exercise we tend to work out at full throttle, resulting in our body being under a constant state of stress. Now whether this stress is good or bad, you do need to manage it. The best way to do this? Meditation. One thing that has changed is the perceived image of meditating being the yogi sat in lotus muttering mantras – maybe this isn’t for you. Currently there are many accessible options available to help you unwind and clear your mind. Have you seen the awesome array of coloring books available? People are even hosting adult coloring evenings. The slow living movement encourages us to take stock of our days, move and think mindfully and make decisions that are going to be intrinsic to optimal stress levels. This year we will see more ideas on how to meditate in just a few minutes a day and reasons why this will help with our overall health, not just stress levels. On the flip side of more apps being available, we will see people taking digital detoxes, pulling away from their computers and smartphones for deliberate extended periods of time, even going to detox camps to press the reset button and appreciate the world without having a phone in our hands constantly.

A Pelvis is Not Just For Elvis – and maybe you might think, my pelvis has a floor? Who knew! The fact is that the Pelvic Floor has become the latest muscle to be buzzed around in the fitness industry. For many years women were told to just do kegels if they had issues, yet we know now, that it really isn’t as simple as that. Women of all ages, during and after pregnancy and in menopause, are seeing physical changes that for years have been unspoken about. In fact, many men have pelvic floor issues, which are thankfully getting into the spotlight and getting the attention it deserves. More workouts and education will become available and the pelvic floor shyness of the past will stop being so taboo.


Jaime McFaden, Fabletics Master

Amanda Thebe, Fabletics Master, Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach.


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    Do you like their clothes ? I have yet to try them but obsessed with fitness gear

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    I haven’t got any of this brand yet but once I have this baby I’ll be buying some 🙂 all I have now are mainly from target and they wear out quicker than I thought they would.

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    Love the outfits, they make me happy. Thank you Fabletics.

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    We appreciate the love Heather! -Alexandra N.

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    Felicia Smith…..Cute workout gear gets me moving…..

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    You”ll never miss a workout with these easy tips. =) – Cherry P.

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