The Sofa Circuit: How To Work Out From The Couch


Do each workout for one minute:

1. Crossed Leg Leg lift: 30 seconds each side. Abs: place a throw pillow under your back, lean back, cross your legs and focus on your bottom leg to tuck the weight of both legs in toward your chest.

2. Tricep Dips

3. Constant Abduction Rows: Back: sit tall and slightly lean forward, use a towel and hold it out in front of you, constantly pulling apart during the whole motion of bringing the towel toward your chest and extending it back out in front of you. Squeeze your shoulder blades together when the towel is touching your chest for one full second

4. Single Leg Hip Thrusts: 30 seconds each side. Glutes: place your head and shoulders on the seat of the couch, feet flat together on the floor right under your knees. Hold one leg up or cross it over your other leg. Thrust your hips up, squeeze the working flute at the top, and then control your hips down halfway to the floor.

5. Alternating Developpe´s: Abs/Quadriceps: lift your knee as high as you can, then try holding that height while straightening your leg. Hold for a moment, bend your knee back and then place that leg back on the floor.

6. Crossed Leg Seated Calf Raise: One minute each side. Calves/Soleus: cross your legs (you can manually add resistance by using your hands to press down against your legs while pressing the ball of your bottom leg’s foot and extending your foot as tall as possible). Pause at the top and control your heel back down.

Do at least three rounds


Cesar Cipriano, FL2 Master