Tell-All: Couples Who Stay Fit Together, Stay Together


It is a known fact that fitness increases endorphins, similar to those that you experience when you’re happy and in love. It’s not a surprise that working out with your beau betters your relationship. Not only does it make you happier, but it also allows you to challenge and support each other through new experiences. We went straight to the source (our very own Fabletics and FL2 Masters) to find out how staying healthy and fit with their significant others adds meaning to their own relationships. Meet the inspiring couples:

Ash and Pierre


Ash and Pierre met at acroyoga class and got to know each other practicing with the community at Santa Monica Muscle Beach. They’re both health-oriented individuals, that enjoy a wide variety of activities together such as hiking, running, cycling, slacklining, yoga and acroyoga.

What do you love about sharing your practice with one another?
Ash: I love that I have one of the best slackliner’s in the world eager to coach me. Ha! But really, I am grateful to share healthy values and an active lifestyle with my partner.

Pierre: I feel the same way–it’s nice to have my own personal acro coach! I’m thankful that we come together and share our strengths.

How has fitness enhanced your relationship?
As acroyoga is a partner practice, we are given opportunities to build trust and strengthen our communication. Learning how to overcome barriers in acro extends into our ability to navigate challenges in our relationship. Many of the physical activities we share teach us how to empathize with one another, take responsibility for our part, while communicating clearly, and keeping it fun!

What’s your “couple” health motto?
“Celebrate our victories!” Often in acroyoga, it’s easy to come out of a trick and only focus on what we can do better. It’s much more fun to encourage each other at each step. Instead of having expectations, appreciate your partner for who they are and where they are at. It is more helpful in the long run to encourage than to push–progress comes in time!


Jason and Kay

Jason and Kay met after she took one of his classes. After class, they talked about running and music and and they’ve been talking ever since.

How do you two stay fit together?
Jason: There’s a long list. Pretty much anything active, we enjoy doing together. We’ll start with the obvious distance running and circuit training, but there’s also cycling, paddle boarding, strength training, track workouts… pretty much anything active we like to do.

Why do you guys love working out together (besides the endorphines!)?
Kay: I love training with Jason for a few reasons. First of all, it motivates us to stick to our plan. When we say we’re going to do a 7 mile run at 6am Tuesday morning, there’s no sleeping in. We’ve committed to it. If Jason says he doesn’t want to run, I tell him not to be a big baby and to “suck it up, buttercup”.

Jason: First off, she actually says that to me. Even the buttercup part. I am a fast twitch, quick burst athlete by nature. Kay is an endurance athlete. They say if you want to get better, you should train with people better than you, so I train with her! It’s also nice to be able to return the favor, so to speak. Since I am faster in the short distances, helps me push and motivate her when we do track and short distance speed workouts. It’s a huge benefit to both of us to have different strengths, it forces us to improve where we are weak!

How has your shared love for fitness bettered your relationship?
Jason: It can be difficult enough to find time to work, workout, eat and sleep. Add in quality time for a relationship and it can really be challenging. Being able to combine working out with quality time is super helpful, plus it’s really fun working out together. It’s kind of like studying with someone… even if you both have headphones on and are focused on your textbooks, it’s still nice to be studying with someone by your side.

What have you learned about each other?
Kay: It’s taught me that Jason is very determined. It may sound cliche, but when he puts his mind to something, he’s going to achieve it. I’ve also learned that he is uniquely and freakishly athletic. If I want to continue being faster than him in marathons, I can’t slack on my training.

Jason: From the moment I met her at the gym, I knew she was a hard worker. She was running faster, and on a higher incline, than anyone else in class. She pushed herself to the max during every sprint. She also lifted heavier than almost everyone else in class, including the guys. The girl has run the Boston Marathon and rep out pull ups like it’s no big deal. She has an amazing work ethic and always likes to push herself further and further.

What’s your “couple” health motto?
Jason: To be honest, we have two mottos. We love to do timed, partner based workouts together. Team challenges involving rowers, running, kettle bells and burpees? Bring ‘em on! In those workouts, our motto is, “let’s do work!” Other times when we’re running together in longer distances, it can get a little competitive. While we may be running side by side, we’ll definitely be pushing the pace faster and faster as we get closer to the end of the run, seeing if the other can keep up. I call it the, “let’s see what you’re made of” mentality. Ha! She’s a beast of an athlete and I’m just as competitive as she is, so I love the challenge… even if she wins.

Ric and Arlene


Ric: Arlene and I first met when she took a Barry’s Bootcamp class that I was teaching. When our eyes first met, I was quite certain she was an angel sent from God himself. I was right.

What health and/or fitness activities do you enjoy together?
We love to get out in nature and explore new hiking trails together and take various disciplines of yoga and meditation classes. We are also both vegetarians and enjoy discovering new vegetarian/vegan restaurants. We have discovered that doing healthy and positive things together nurtures our spirits and deepens our love for one another.

What do you love about sharing your practice with one another?
We love sharing our practice with one another because it encourages us to grow and evolve as individuals and as a couple.

How has fitness enhanced your relationship?
Health and fitness have greatly enhanced our relationship because staying healthy enables us to be our very best. Our ideology is: if we make time to take care of ourselves, we can better take care of each other. Through our practice, we discovered that we balance one another beautifully. We are each others yin/yang.

What’s your “couple” health motto?
“Any fool can sleep, but wise is that one who rises before the sun.” – Sahkti Parwha kaur Khalsa

How else do you add meaning to your relationship?
One of the more intimate ways we meditate together is by performing sound-baths for one another, utilizing sacred Tibetan singing bowls, which hold tremendous healing power. It serves to both nurture our relationship as well as align mind, body and spirit. We also practice the art of breathing which is essential to our wellbeing.

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