DIY Coconut Pineapple Sports Drink


For those especially sweaty workout sessions when you need to replenish your body with natural electrolytes and antioxidants, ditch the store-bought sports drinks that are filled with mysterious natural flavorings and artificial dyes, and make your own bottle at home!

This refreshing DIY Coco Pineapple Sports Drink features coconut water (which boasts more potassium than regular sports drinks and is an excellent source of natural sodium) and pineapple juice, which provides vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta carotene, thiamin, and folate. A dash of Himalayan sea salt also adds nourishing minerals and trace elements, and the Philosophie Berry Bee Honey creates a touch of natural sweetness and contributes a superfood boost of pomegranate, acai, goji, mangosteen, maca, brown rice protein, and camu camu—the world’s most potent source of vitamin C.

After trying this oh-so-delicious tropical rendition, experiment with herbal teas and other fruit juices to create a variety of healthy + hydrating post-workout drinks!

Gather This:
• 1 quart coconut water
• ¼ cup pineapple juice
• 1 tablespoon Philosophie Berry Bee Honey (or sweetener of choice)
• ¼ teaspoon Himalayan pink sea salt
• ¼ teaspoon crushed calcium magnesium tablets (optional)

Do This:
In a bowl or sealed bottle (like a protein shake container), combine all ingredients and mix or shake well. Then pour into your favorite workout bottle + store in the fridge until it’s cold and ready for your workout sesh.

Sophie Jaffe, Fabletics Master

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