FIIT | 4 Heart-Pumping Moves


2016 is your year. It’s your year to try something new, your year to push yourself harder, or maybe even your year to work towards goals you set last year. Whatever your intention, we want to help you get stronger mentally and physically so you can continue to achieve great things.

That’s why we rounded up the ultimate group of inspirational women and men to bring you FIIT Fridays. From Fabletics Masters to some of Kate’s BFFs (Best Fit Friends), this squad is a powerful force to keep you – and us! – moving each week with quick, four-move HIIT workouts.

Get your heart-pumping with Fabletics Master Natalie Yco, a beautifully badass martial arts and fitness instructor.

Stay tuned as we bring you more moves to try each week here on The Core. And no excuses… because we want you to find motivation no matter where you are, you can also find our FIIT videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Show us your progress with the hashtag, #FIIT.

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