Ice, Ice Baby: Winter Date Ideas


It’s 32 degrees outside and body heat is the only life-saving force that can keep you going. Okay, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic here, but getting close to your beau when it’s cold outside is not only good for your wellbeing—it’s fun! Take a look at our Fabletics team’s favorite arctic activities for this season:

Rev up your engines and drive into the snowy forest with your partner. Doubling up on one mobile takes the romance up a few notches, but if you want to show off your skills, go your own way—and win the race!

Who says tubing is for kids? Head first or feet first–it doesn’t matter—as long as you give it the old college try. Grab your hunny and head for the slopes!


Skiing in the moonlight sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Many popular ski resorts offer classes and guides who will take you for an adventure afterhours. Remember to enjoy an après-ski for the final nightcap.

Winter Date Ideas

Strap into some funny looking shoes built for the snow and head out for a challenging, but scenic tour across the tundra. There’s nothing more romantic that snow covered pine and an untouched path.

Take your love to new heights on an exhilarating helicopter ride. View the icy-capped mountains from a new perspective and overcome fears together.


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