Key Ways To Do The Body (and Soul) Good


I experienced my first random act of kindness when someone brought me coffee.  It was such a simple act, but that small surprise gave me pure joy.  In a world where more and bigger is better, it’s important to remember that the smallest gestures often have a lasting impact on others.

A random act of kindness isn’t just about buying someone coffee or paying for a stranger’s dinner.  It can be done through volunteering as well.  Here are a few ways to serve, provide kindness, and create memorable moments for others.

Drive a Van

We can never thank Veterans enough for their sacrifices for our country, but we can help them in their time of need.  Through the Transportation Network, the Disabled American Veterans, provide opportunities for volunteers to drive veterans to and from their medical appointments at local VA Hospitals.

There’s nothing worse than needing medical care, and not having a ride to a medical facility.  Thankfully, because of this program and its dedicated volunteers, this scenario can be avoided.  Just think: a ride to a medical facility can make someone’s day.  Simple.  Easy. A valid driver’s license and a good driving record can get you rolling in most states.  Volunteer once a week, twice a month, or whatever cadence works best with your schedule.  More information about this program can be found here.

Senior Living

 There are a lot of elderly people in senior living residences.  Plenty of those people get regular visits from friends and family, but there are a great deal that do not.  Spending some time volunteering in a nursing home or senior living residence is a great way to bring new energy into the residents’ lives.  You can lead bingo night, go walking with a resident, give a manicure or teach dance, jewelry making, cooking, and more! If you’re into crafting, creating memory books is a cool way to get a free history lesson and help residents remember why their lives are so special.

Want your entire family involved?  Join an Adopt-a-Grandparent program.  This is when families adopt a grandmother or grandfather into their family, visit them regularly, and provide them with another means of support.

Pets Need Love Too

 An act of kindness doesn’t have to be limited to humans, animals need love too.  A great way to remind pets that they aren’t forgotten is by volunteering at an animal shelter.  There’s always plenty that needs to be done.  If you dream of moonlighting as groomer in your spare time, but just can’t quit your day job, try volunteering with the Animal Humane Society.  They’re always looking for people who can help animals look their best in preparation for adoption.  County animal shelters can always use more dog walkers.  Shelters also accept volunteers to play with the animals.

Fostering pets is also an option.  You’ll help provide a loving and safe place before a permanent home is found.

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