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Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT, credits her success to her early roots as a dancer. She began her career teaching dance and body conditioning at the elite Reebok Sports Club in NYC. She also has a number of hit theater and video performances under her belt, such as dancing in West Side Story, Fame!, hit music videos and top-selling home workout videos.

Anna also has an extensive background in kinesiology, sports medicine and anatomy, having studied at the renowned Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Her career blew up when fitness personality, Tracey Anderson, discovered Anna. Anna soon began to work with Tracey as her Chief Content Officer. It was during this exciting adventure, that Anna realized a dance workout can only take her clients so far—a kinetic approach to physical wellness is key. She came up with the motto “movement with purpose,” which inspired her to launch her own company, The Anna Kaiser Technique.

AKT provides clients with well-rounded, high-performance workouts that are efficient, results-driven and fun! She now has her own studios in NYC and Connecticut.

Anna loves Fabletics and is partnering with us for a weeklong workout series. Take a look at her fun interview below to get a better understanding of her technique, passion and what to expect from her upcoming series.

What’s your passion?
AK: I am passionate about helping and educating people to go beyond what they thought was possible physically, mentally and emotionally. People underestimate themselves too often. True strength comes from a supportive, positive community of people that empower each other to be better. That is what I set out to create.

How do you live it?
AK: I am really proud to offer an incredible program at AKT that challenges clients differently, everyday, and supports them in their transformative journey with a 360 approach – fitness, nutrition, community. The workout brings the best of fitness and wellness to one place that customizes the program to fit each individual separately. It’s an electric, positive, and motivating place to be every day. It sets my heart on fire!

What made you want to be a trainer?
AK: As a dancer, I constantly struggled to find ways to keep myself in shape. I would go through phases– too much Pilates and not enough cardio. I bulked up from overtraining and I got tired of vinyasas and pulsing for hours. I wanted to make working out fun again, and most of all, EFFICIENT. Who has two hours a day to workout? How can I train hard and get amazing results without overtraining and risking injury? Who has the ability to travel to 3 different boutique studios to get everything they need in a comprehensive workout? I wanted to answer those questions and streamline an effective program that inspired women in the most positive and efficient way, all supported by an incredible community of people that care deeply about what they do. That was something I had never experienced, and what so many of my clients were looking to find.

Why is fitness something you’re so passionate about?
AK: I have the benefit and pleasure of being able to combine my expertise in anatomy and exercise science with my experience and talent as a choreographer and dancer. The result is a creative new take on efficient and effective exercises that give you the results you’ve always wanted with a refreshing new spin. The workout is constantly evolving to meet the demands of our ever-changing lives in the most fun and inspiring way possible. That is and will always be my goal.

How did you get your celebrity clients?
AK: Most of my clients were either referred by friends or they heard about my workout by word of mouth. Most of them wanted to find an efficient solution for fitness because they were limited on time and needed to get results quickly. Or they had grown bored of their workouts and were looking for a new, creative option to switch it up and make fitness fun again.

What have your clients taught you?
AK: My clients have taught me that commitment to excellence and reliability are two of the most important qualities in life. Show up and work hard. Every day. And with those two attributes, you are limitless. (and that working out hungover is NOT worth it )

What advice would you share with someone looking to pursue their passion and make it their career?
AK: Find encouragement and support from those closest to you. Turn to these people when you feel afraid, frustrated, resigned and/or excited about your progress. They will keep you honest and focused to keep going. It will be hard. And there will be many days where you question your choice. But, in the end, it will be SO worth it.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
AK: Starting AKT InMotion, opening my studios, and building a team of talented professionals who allow me to live my dream and share this “lightening in a bottle” gift that we have with an incredible community.

What are your top 3 fitness rules to live by?
AK: 1. Find a workout that offers the TRIFECTA: Cardio, Strength, & Flexibility.
It’s important to combine all three for a balanced and comprehensive workout that will develop a proportionate physique and keep your metabolism working all day. Weight training should not be ignored! Stop worrying about bulking. With my program, you get everything in one class, and your muscles will always feel surprised and challenged.

2. Stayed hydrated!
I drink at least 40 oz. of Essentia Water a day. Essentia’s proprietary ionization process creates a clean, smooth-tasting alkaline water that hydrates better and helps balance your system.

3. Relax
Stress has so many negative side effects. It is just as important to calm your central nervous system as it is to rev it up! If I find I’m having a tough time calming down at the end of a long day, instead of reaching for a glass of wine, I apply my new incredible wearable device called Thync. It is truly amazing. It stimulates specific nerve patterns through tiny vibrations that actually calm you from head to toe and aid in rest and digestion. I even sleep better!! Check it out if you haven’t already.

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