Weather, Whatever: How To Run In All Conditions


If running isn’t challenging enough, dealing with the elements is every runner’s dream (said no one ever). Thankfully, our new weatherproof gear and moisture-battling essentials will make the journey easier and even perhaps, enjoyable.

WIND: Donovan Windbreaker

Stay prepared for windy conditions by layering our lightweight windbreaker over your workout gear. Its cinchable hoodie functions from drawstrings at the hem and a shirred, elastic waistband keeps the material in place.

DARKNESS: Ingrid Capri

Be seen at night in our reflective, print capris. They’ll keep you glowing while you keep going. This best-selling style also features compression and moisture-regulation technology to keep your body balanced.

RAIN: Europa Pullover II

Shield your body from the rain in our water-resistant pullover with a half-zip front, a cinchable hoodie and invisible pockets to keep your belonging safe and dry.

HEAT: Norcross Tank

When it’s hot outside, your body needs some relief. Accelerate airflow by working out in our seamless tank with cut out details. It’s lightweight, comfortable on your skin and breathable.

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  • KT
    February 23, 2016

    Snow? 4 months of my year?