Your 20-Minute Routine For Solid Abs


For days when you have to squeeze in a quick workout, it’s quality over quantity. Here is a brief–but intense–core workout that will get your body bouncing back in no time.


Ab exercises

Weighted Tabletop Crunch
Only lower your legs as far as they can go, keeping your lower back glued to the mat. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck. Hold a five-pound weight at your ankles or feet, whichever position feels safer to you. Start with your knees bent in a tabletop position and hands behind your head, bringing your upper body to your knees (like you are folding in half).


Ab workout routine

Side Oblique with Weight
Make sure your hips are stacked to support your lower back. Keep your hands on your hips to modify for a challenge. Hold a five-pound weight and straighten your arm above your shoulder. Start on your fore arm with knees bent. Lying on your side, slowly raise and lower, engaging your obliques.


Core exercises

Russian Twist with Weight
Keep your feet on the floor to make the exercise easier. For more of a challenge, lift your feet up in a half-Pilates position. Holding a 5/10-pound weight in hands, twist side to side, focusing on tapping your elbow to the floor beneath you.


Ab exercises

Planks (side middle side)
Keep your shoulder over your elbows and focus out in front of you, so your spine is aligned. Don’t tuck your chin into your chest. You can modify your plank position by putting your knees on the floor. Hold each plank position for one minute.

4x, each move for one minute

Ashley Godby, Fabletics Master

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