7 Moves To Get Kate Hudson’s Killer Body



When it comes to celebrity style and fitness, few physiques turn as many heads (and incite as much #BodyEnvy) as Kate Hudson’s. Let’s be real for a second: Kate’s got it going on! Whether she’s walking the red carpet or hitting the trail in basic black leggings, Hudson’s toned, trimmed figure is fit to be flaunted – frankly, she could make a burlap sack look fierce.

Of course, the question then remains: How can we do it, too? Believe it or not, the secret is all about finding the balance between body and mind. It’s exercise and healthy eating, portion control and splurging, having fun and treating yourself. Below are the Top 7 Tips for achieving the Kate Hudson body in us all!

khPose_900x600 1.    Break A Sweat Everyday: Whether it’s a jog around the block, or an impromptu living room dance session with your kids, Hudson lives by this mantra and insists on getting in at least 20 minutes of sweat-breaking activity each day. Even the smallest bit of action can make a huge difference. Remember: Even walking burns those calories!
2.    Pilates: A self-professed Pilates enthusiast, Hudson has long been a fan of this practice (15 years!) that lengthens and strengthens the body as it focuses on small, repetitive key muscles movements to strengthen your core. Wonder where she gets that “lean look?” It’s all about the reformer.
3.    Have Fun: Nothing kills a workout stride like boredom! To keep things interesting, and get your heart rate going, get creative with your workouts. Bring a buddy to the gym for some friendly treadmill competition, or head outside and hit the trail for a beautiful (weather-permitting) hike.
4.    Fats & Antioxidants: To fuel body and mind, your brain requires healthy fats to keep it going. Instead of reaching for the cheesy puffs, keep a stash of super foods on hand – sesame seeds, olive oil and avocados, and leafy greens and veggies are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats that fill you up as they lean you out.
5.    Be Mindful, Don’t Restrict: Staying in shape is as much about working out as it is about being aware of yourself. Even as you’re staying healthy, don’t restrict yourself. If pizza is what your crave, treat yourself, and then be mindful of your meal choices the rest of the day. It’s all about moderation.
6.    H2 0-Yeah! When in doubt, reach for the water. You may not even be aware of it, but beverages like fruit juice and soda are loaded with empty calories and sugar that can slow you down, and add unwanted weight. Instead, reach for the water. It will not only keep you hydrated, but will power you with energy you need to keep on running!
7.    Detox: To reset the body, especially from season-to-season, an elimination cleanse or juice detox can do wonders. But don’t go crazy – cleansing is never about starving yourself, but rather balancing the body and preparing it for a healthier, cleaner you.


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