4 Toning Techniques For #LegDay


Spring is coming, which means your bottoms will be getting shorter in no time. Get your lower body into gear with some easy-to-incorporate (but challenging to execute) leg exercises.

Glute workout for LegDay

Reverse Glut Engage: The Reverse Glut Engage is similar to a lateral move except you are taking one leg and shifting laterally behind the opposite leg in the same stance. You’ll be getting the full stretch out of your gluts. Do this move as you are holding a medicine ball straight out with your arms extended.

Main focus- core, quads, and gluteus


Balance Sprinter exercise for LegDay

Balance Sprinter: The Balance Sprinter is a great way to work on your core/stability and your quads. Begin with both feet on the ground as you raise your left arm and right leg as if you were about to take off in a sprint. Keep your left leg in a neutral stance, bringing your right knee to your chest and then extending it out. You want to exaggerate and make sure you are keeping your core tight throughout the movement.

Main focus- core and quads


Squats for Leg Day

Front Body Squat: The Front Body Squat is perfect to shape your quads, gluteus, and core. You will begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. You can either do this move with a medicine ball, dumbbell, or no weights. Begin with arms fully extended, making sure you are not bending your back, but completing a full squat as if you were sitting in a chair. Eyes should be up and arms fully extended, holding up the medicine ball.

Main focus- core, gluteus, and quads


Leg Day Lunges

Jumping Lunge: The Jumping Lunge is very similar to a normal lunge except you are exploding up, alternating legs and falling back into a lunge stance. The whole motive of this workout is to do it quickly and explode as high as you can from a lunge position. This move is an excellent way to work on your explosiveness, strength balance and your legs overall!

Main focus- strength in balance, quads, explosiveness


Andrew Nunez, Fabletics Master

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