5 Natural Liver Cleansers That Burn Fat Fast


With summer approaching, we all want that quick fix to a better body.  Before you can achieve this goal, you need to turn your focus inwards—meaning your liver.  This may surprise some people, but having an unhealthy and fatty liver makes it harder for your body to burn fat in other places because its main focus is on keeping your liver working.  How do you get that healthy liver you may ask?  Well, you can’t make it do push-ups or burpees, but luckily there are tons of natural foods and ingredients that can help you out.

Your favorite morning refreshment is actually doing a lot more for you than just tasting delicious.  A glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice contains antioxidants and Vitamin C, which aid in the natural cleansing processes of the liver.  Cheers to that!

Ginger is a miracle root because it contains powerful anti-oxidants that expel free radicals and harmful toxins.  Increasing your ginger intake also enhances detoxifying enzyme production.  You can eat ginger in many forms, but my favorite way is by concocting a homemade cleanser with juices and smoothies.  It adds a nice little zing and tastes great with fruits and veggies.

Turmeric is a trending detoxifier right now.  You can use turmeric to spice up your food, to make a tea, or you can take them as a supplement if you’re in a time crunch.  This powerful ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and helps boost enzyme activity, so the liver can flush out dietary carcinogens.

Beets & Carrots
Green is not the only color worth chewing on.  Incorporating beets and carrots into your diet can significantly help stimulate your liver and improve its overall health.  These two ingredients taste great over a salad or in a smoothie.  They add an amazing sweet taste that you’ll absolutely love.

The almighty avocado helps the liver filter out harmful toxins and neutralizes free radicals.  How does it do this? Well, you have healthy fat, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to thank.  Avocados are also such an easy ingredient to eat because it tastes great with (on, in, under, etc.) everything!  Make a fresh guacamole, toss it into a hearty salad or slice it over a turkey patty.  Go on and take that double dip!

Stretch Shelton, Fabletics Master

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Karina Duse

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