How to Make The Most of Your Rest Day


We train, run, and push our bodies in our everyday workouts. Every workout is important, and every rest day is equally important. Your body will soon say, “I’m done” without giving it the proper rest it deserves. But don’t think of your rest day as a day to sit on the couch and watch TV–make it a day you look forward to and a day you can still focus on your goals. Decide to be passively active on your rest day. Here are 8 important steps that put the “RE” into your rest day and keep up your calorie burn even on your day off.


Take this day to get “stuff” done and work on your “to-do” list. Clean your house, plant flowers, rearrange furniture, run errands, or work on some of your Pinterest projects.



Choose this day to focus on others, whether that is organizing a family activity or volunteering at your local animal shelter, food bank, or senior citizen center.



Cardio lovers be a rebel. Take those strength classes at your local studio or hit the weight room at the gym. Strength training turbocharges your calorie burn even at rest. The more muscle you have, the more energy it requires to sit on your body. Make your body a calorie burning machine even on your rest day!



Go the extra mile on your day off. Take the stairs, walk up the escalator, park where you have to walk further to your destination or make more trips up and down your stairs than necessary.



Find a low-calorie delicious recipe to try. Grab all your essentials at the grocery store and cook your way to a healthy meal!



A rest day doesn’t mean a day off from eating right. Remove any temptations of eating any high-calorie, processed, and sugary foods.



Get out and do something that makes you happy or plan a day trip somewhere.



Choose a light intensity activity to give your body the rest it deserves. Go hiking, biking, or boating. Take a gentle yoga class, take your dog for a walk, or do some foam rolling.

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