St Patrick’s Day Greens for Your Body


Instead of lining up at the bar, waiting to get a sip of some green beer, why not fill your plate with some greens that are sure to do your body some good? Your body takes a hit each day as you go through life with your work, family, and working out. The best thing you can do for your body is to treat it right.  Some of the most nutrient dense foods come in the color green, so this St. Patrick’s Day, why not see how many green things you can put into your meals?!

Healthy Greens

Microgreens: Microgreens are the young plants that grow into plants such as Kale, Arugula, and Broccoli; they are harvested a couple weeks after planting. During the developmental stages of a plant, like a human, they need LOTS of vital vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.  Microgreens are the powerhouses that store all of these nutrients to grow the plant. When added to your salad, sandwich, or as an edible garnish, they bring an extra nutrient mouthful to your meal!

Seaweed: The familiar casing you find around your sushi roll, seaweed can now be seen as snacks to replace chips and a fun texture to add to soups.  Seaweed is a great source of Iodine, which is vital for proper thyroid function.  If you are having trouble finding seaweed, make sure to check the international aisle or go to your local Asian market.

Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Monster Smoothie

Packed full of everything green, this is a monstrous drink with great nutrition – a great drink to have after an intense workout!

A handful of spinac
1 green apple
1 TBS spirulina
½ of an avocado
a few green grapes if you need it a bit more sweet
1 scoop veggie protein
1 cup nondairy milk

Place everything in blender and serve.  This will be nice and creamy, but if you want it a bit thicker, freeze your spinach or kale.  A tsp of xanthan gum will thicken things up in your blender quite nicely too!

Spirulina: This is the good algae…not the creepy stuff you see floating around on the top of lakes and ponds. This little powder is packed full of protein and antioxidants.  If you are someone that stays away from consuming animals, spirulina is a great way to get in the protein that your muscles need!

Kale: Kale is your cancer-fighter.  This leafy green is one of the world’s top sources for Vitamin A, supporting the eyes, skin and your immune system.  If you don’t like how hard kale can be to chew, then I recommend adding in another healthy green food like avocado, and massage the avocado into the kale until it becomes softer.  This gives the kale a great taste and makes a great addition to your salad.

Heather Dorak, Fabletics Master

Green Smoothie Bowl

Green Smoothie Power Bowl

1 frozen banana
1 tbsp. almond butter
8 oz almond milk
1 cup kale
1 cup spinach
1 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. chia seeds


Directions: Blend all ingredients in blender. Pour into a bowl, add toppings and enjoy!

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