You Snooze, You Win: Why Quality Sleep Matters


Sleep is truly the best medicine there is. What else can you count on to improve your life in as little as 7-8 hours? A good night’s rest can revitalize your skin, brighten your mood, and improve your memory. How many visits to the spa would it take and cost to get you all of those benefits? Too many and too much! So take a nap, snooze awhile and enjoy…

Healthy Skin

Have you taken a stroll down the beauty aisle of your local store lately? It’s almost overwhelming if you ask me. The options are endless. There are lotions to firm up your skin, creams to enhance your skin’s natural glow, and tons of other potions to rid you of wrinkles, puffy eyes, and any other problems you may have. After years of buying tons of these products myself, who would have thought more sleep may be the easiest way to better my skin. Sleep gives your largest organ the chance to regenerate. During a deep sleep, your body releases a natural human growth hormone. It may sound disconcerting, but this is a way for the body to maintain healthy tissues and generate new collagen. So say goodbye to all those pricey collagen products, 7-8 hours of sleep may be all it takes to keep your skin tight for now on.
Look in your mirror after a great night’s sleep. A glowing complexion will be staring back at you. During the skin’s nightly renewal process, the dead skin cells are replaced with new ones, leaving you with a fresh face.
On the other hand, a lack of sleep can cause inflammation. Inflammation can lead to skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even wrinkles. A great way to see the difference in how you look after a good night’s sleep versus after a night with little sleep is to look at your eyes. Are bags with dark circles visible?
Make sure you carve out a nightly sleep routine for yourself. Your skin will thank you.


There’s only so much burning of the midnight oil that can be done before your brain has had enough. Getting sufficient sleep is imperative, not only for the safety of yourself and others, but also so you can make clear, rational decisions.
When you’re sleep deprived, your performance will suffer. Little to no sleep means you’re less alert and less effective. Studies done by schools such as Harvard have shown that going 24 hours without sleep is the equivalent of being legally drunk. This means you may be making critical decisions with a decrease in motor function, slower reaction times, and hazy thinking.
If you’re used to pulling all-nighters for school or work, reconsider adopting a more conventional sleep schedule. You’ll think clearer, concentrate better, and probably have better recall.

Less Stress, More Sleep

More sleep. Less stress. Better you. It’s that simple. Well, actually falling asleep isn’t always simple, but it has been proven that when you sleep well and long enough, you feel better. If you need to wind down before falling asleep, you’re not alone. Here are a few ways to feel zen and start catching z’s in no time.

• Power down all of your electronic devices thirty minutes to an hour before bed. This gives your brain some downtime from a full day of being cognitively stimulated by work, technology, and the daily grind.

• Try writing in a grateful journal every night. This gives you a chance to reflect on the bright side of your day. Life is always a little better when you can appreciate the roses in your day and disregard the thorns.

• Take a hot bath. Nothing prepares you for a great night of sleep like lighting a few candles, throwing in a bath bomb, and soaking in the hot tub.

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