FIIT | 4 Animal-Inspired Bodyweight Moves


Fabletics Master, Jaime McFadden, owns her own fitness company, WheybyJ, and works with well-known fitness personality, Jillian Michaels. We’re lucky to have her onboard our FIIT FRIDAY series. Jaime’s approach to fitness revolves around a bodyweight-based routine that can be done anytime, anywhere. Check out her favorite animal-inspired moves, including the Monkey Hop, The Flying Bird/Eagle, The Dog Hop, and the Cobra Press. Let’s break that down for you:

Monkey Hop:
Start in a crouched position with your arms out in front of you. Move your arms over to the side and hop your legs over so they are aligned in back of your arms. Keep repeating this sequence. This move is great because it works the entire body in a lateral motion.  Not only is it fun, but it’s also challenging.

Flying Bird/Eagle:
Position one leg in front of you and keep your knee slightly bent. Lift the other leg up, and balance your body by bringing your arms out to the side like an airplane. Kick your “free” leg up and down, while simultaneously moving your arms up and down like a bird. Switch legs.  This move works your legs, core, and arms at the same time.  It focuses on balance and stability while strengthening the core.

Dog Hop:
Get into a Down Dog position, kick one leg up, and as you bring it down, touch your knee to your elbow. Then bring the leg back to a raised position and hop! Repeat, and switch legs. Down Dog is such a great stretch to begin with, and by adding a leg raise and hop, you turn a stretch into a resistance move.

Cobra Press:
Get into a cobra position on the floor. Lower your body with your arms, and rock yourself up with your body (do not use your arms to help you get up). This move is great for the chest and back, and the rocking motion gives a little bonus workout to your legs and booty.

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