Spring’s Five Fat-Burning Moves


Below, you will find five moves that you can do anywhere to get your heart rate up, blast fat, and rev your metabolism to burn more calories!  Doing short bursts for 20 seconds up to a minute of all-out effort, followed by short rest is the best way to train for HIIT “High Intensity Interval Training.” This is one of the most effective ways to get an intense workout in a fast period of time!   Your goal is to go through each exercise in a row, and repeat the whole sequence 5 times through!  Its’ okay to take breaks until your body gets used the intensity.  Have fun!

Fat-burning exercises

High Kicks:  Kick as high as you can to the sides and front for one minute.  These will work all aspects of your abs, hips, and legs to maintain control and stability while going for those high kicks.  Feel free to add a little jump kick in when necessary!  Kick continuously for 30 seconds to 1 minute per round.

Fat-burning moves

Knee up:  Standing on one leg, lean to the side, and bring your opposite knee up on a diagonal toward your chest and opposing arm.  Move as fast as you can up and down while keeping your other knee bent low.  You’ll feel that burn in your standing leg after about 20 seconds.  Try to keep going for 30 seconds to 1 minute each side.

Fat-burning workout

Punches:  Visualize your opponent is standing right in front of you, and start punching hard and fast at them.  You can throw straight punches, hooks, and uppercuts to mix it up.  Don’t forget to bob and weave when they counter! 😉  This move works the shoulders, arms, and core, while improving agility and footwork.  Do 30 sec-1min rounds.

Jumping Jacks

Jacks:  Good ol’ jumping jacks work your whole body while getting a full range of motion through your arms and legs.  As you jump, raise your hands to clap over your head, and jump your feet out wide. Then, jump back to center and lower your hands.  Do 20-40 jumping jacks in a round.

Fat-burning moves

High Knees:  Run in place, lifting your knees up to hip height or higher.  These will really get your heart rate up, and work the ab muscles like crazy!  The higher you get your knees, the more core engagement you’ll work!  Try to run for 30 seconds or more with all-out intensity!

Fat-burning cardio

Jump Knees:  Jumping is another great way to work explosive movements with power.  Start standing tall, then squat low, and jump up as high as you can.  While in the air, lift both knees as high as you can up to your chest.  Land with bend knees softly.  Do 10-20 reps a round.

Laura Conley, Fabletics Master

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