The Fabric Behind our Swimwear Collection


We’re taking a deep dive into our swimwear collection by spotlighting the high-quality performance fabrics behind each style.  So while thinking about pool parties, water sports and your next getaway may be fun, let’s focus on the material that will help get you there.

You’ll probably be enjoying all that nature has to offer this summer, so giving back to the environment is only natural.  We use recycled fabrics for all of our swim styles.  Because helping out the world is always a good look.

New to the scene is our highly chlorine-resistant fabric.  This is different from our high-performance, moisture-wicking material because it protects fabrics from chemicals and damage.  These fabrics also feature a quick-dry element and less water absorbency, so you can transition from seaside to barside in a flash.

UPF/UV Protection
Sunscreen isn’t only meant for your skin.  We constructed our swim collection with superior UPF/UV protection, so you can feel secure when you’re out in the sun.

Our high-compression swimsuits are built with a recovery fabric, which means they won’t lose their shape over time.  Now you can enjoy intense water sports without worrying about stretched-out silhouettes.  Drop crotch may be a trend, but butt sag is not a thing.

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