4 Dance-Inspired Moves to Decrease Stress


We are all overcome by stress from time to time, so it’s key to find activities that clear your mind.  Dancing can be an excellent stress reliever, but why not also make it an incredible calorie burner by adding plyometrics?  Instead of the old “scream and shout,” how about turning that frustration into “jump and shout?”  Dancing is proven to elevate our mood by raising our endorphin levels.  So turn on your favorite tunes (I’m digging Missy Elliot right now), get moving, and incorporate these four plyometric-inspired dance moves to elevate your heart rate, burn some calories, and kick that stress to the curb!

Dance workout

Hip Hop Rocking Horse:  Jump forward onto your right leg, simultaneously thrusting your arms out into a “flex your muscles” position.  Be sure to keep your right knee slightly bent as you land on it, and your back straight.  Push off your right leg, landing back onto your left leg.  Again, be sure your left knee is slightly bent.  As you land, pull your right knee in towards your body and bring your arms in.  Alternate to the left leg, following the same rules.  Keep your abs and core engaged throughout this repetitive motion.  3 reps of 10 on each leg

Dance Move Workout

Explosive Jump Squat:  Start with feet shoulder width apart, butt back and knees slightly bent.  Touch the ground, and then explode up vertically, using the momentum from your arms to thrust yourself upwards.  When you land, be sure your knees are slightly bent and feet should width apart.  3 reps of 10

Dance workout moves

Speed Skater Jump:  Stand with your feet together.  Take a big step to the right and lunge to the side.  Your right leg (the stepping leg) should be bent, while your left leg (standing leg) remains straight, and extended behind your right leg.  Your chest should be up, and your butt is back while ski jumping from side to side.  3 reps of 15

Dance workout moves

Shooting Star:  Begin in a relaxed stance, with your feet shoulder width apart, and hold your arms close to the body.  To initiate the move, squat down halfway and explode vertically as high as possible.  Fully extend your entire body, spreading your legs and arms away from the body.  When you land, be sure your knees are slightly bent to avoid harsh impact.  3 reps of 10

Jason Layden, Fabletics Master

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