Top 5 De-Stressing Exercises


Stress.  It comes in many forms: emotional, physical, and mental, effecting everyone differently.  The number one go-to stress relief workout tends to be yoga…and whilst I agree the many disciplines of yoga can center your mind while creating a sense of calm, it’s not necessarily the right stress release for you.  Sometimes you need to dig deep into your assertiveness by screaming, shouting out loud, and giving permission to smash the sh*t out of something.

During my 10+ years in the fitness industry, I have encouraged clients to use their time with me to fill their “stress trash can,” and let it go.  At the end of a workout, your mood is lightened with a heightened sense of positivity to tackle the rest of the day.

So, with that in mind, I give you my top 5 de-stressing exercises to incorporate into your workout.

exercises to de-stress

BOXING:  To flit like a butterfly sting like a bee!
In a safe, controlled environment with the correct equipment, I give you permission to hit the hell out of those pads.  Learn the basics first, wrap your hands and wrists-even hire a certified personal trainer to take you through a heart pounding aggressive workout-and take it to your limit!  Be exhausted by your strength and dump your stress in the “ring.”

RUN OR JOG HILL OR STAIR REPEATS:  Conquering your summit
Running takes skill.  Too many injuries come from the idea that you can just go from the couch to 5km.  Find a set of stairs approximately 20+, or a short step hill. Before you start visualizing yourself at the top over and over again, set a goal.  Time (10, 15 20 mins) or a number of repeats.  Warm up with 6-8 mins walk or slow jog, then at your own pace, start achieving your goals.  Focus on conquering each summit, feel good, be strong, and at the end, smile!  Take 3-4 minutes to stretch because it’ll pay off with future workouts.

SWIM:  Can you float?
Getting into a pool and swimming laps is an incredible way to take your body to new limits.  Even on your low energy days, you can take a different approach by simply floating in the water.  Listen to your breathing, and feel the weightless of your body.  A combination of both laps and floating intervals may be the perfect stress reliever.

WALK with or without purpose
Ideally, finding a green space or being close to water is the perfect setting for a walk.  However, this scenario is normally impossible during your hectic workdays.  Walking without purpose is a great alternative because you are giving yourself permission to wander without a goal or direction in mind.  You may want company, or you may want silence.  Walking with a purpose generally starts with a goal, maybe distance, time, or location.  A brisk walk around the block to break up your workday is a huge stress reliever.  Whatever your environment, make the most of what you HAVE.

PERSONAL TRAINING:  It’s all about you
Time and time again, clients tell me that my personal training sessions are great stress busters because they can blast though a challenging workout, knowing they can trust me to help them achieve their goals.  I’m an empowering role in people’s lives-which I do not take lightly-because I allow them to surrender control, relieve their stress, and achieve their personal goals.  For one hour every day, it’s all about you.

These stress relievers are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are proven to work.  Enjoy adding them to your workout routine.  Be focused creating balance.  Be Happy!  And let me know how it goes by reaching out to me at:

Joanna Paterson, Fabletics Master

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