The Inspiration Behind Fabletics’ May Prints


The summer season is a source of inspiration for a lot of us, so let’s take a trip to a place where it’s summer 365 days a year.  South of the border, the colors are always brighter, the weather is always warmer, and the culture is always vibrant.  This eclectic landscape is what motivated our May collection.  You can expect lots of neon, striking color combinations, and exotic patterns.  Think of roadside bodegas and taquerias with their bright turquoise storefronts and local textiles in the most vibrant prints you’ve ever seen.  With this image in mind, let’s dive a little deeper into our two featured prints for May:

Fabletics May Popsicle Print

This month’s Popsicle print is bringing bright colors back in a big way! –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Mexico is known for its temps that will make you melt.  Cool down with a refreshing Popsicle print in neon colors, like turquoise, orange, bright pink and lime.  This vibrant palette is typical of the country’s landscape.  Colorful Jarritos soda bottles, Loterìa cards, and rich folkloric artwork all led us to this month’s design.  Its bold print will also lift your spirit and make you want to keep moving. Get outside and travel new towns, embark on new fitness feats, and live life to the fullest!  Our Popsicle-print Fabletics gear makes it that much easier.

Fabletics May Tribal Geo Print

“The Tribal Geo print’s electric color scheme reflects the season’s rising temps” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Let’s travel south to the Yucatan Peninsula, where you can find a lush rainforest, called the Lancondon, which stretches into Guatemala.  Our Tribal Geo pattern reflects the striking colors-lime, pink, and orange-of the plants, fruits, and wildlife you will see along the way.  Even the people who inhabit these forests incorporate stand-out colors and geometric shapes into their everyday wear, through face paint and garb.  Neon tones are considered warm colors because they remind us of heat, and especially a subtropical climate.  The Tribal Geo print’s electric color scheme also provides a jolt of energy for all of your summer adventures, whether they’re in the comfort of your local trail or on uncharted territories.

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