A Guide to TRX Training


Are you busy? Do you need a quick workout you can do almost anywhere? If you answered yes, keep reading! TRX is an efficient full-body workout that is sure to help you get fit!

As a beginner, start with your body in a more upright position on all of the standing exercises, and start with a shorter time interval. For the plank exercises, start just on the floor without equipment. For the hamstring lift, you can also perform it initially with your feet on the floor instead of in the TRX. Once you become more advanced, you can increase your time and total sets. For a beginner, perform each exercise for approximately 30 seconds. Once you have completed all of the exercises in sequence, you may repeat one or two more rounds depending on how you are feeling.

If you are looking for a more advanced routine, one option would be to perform all exercises in this routine for 60 seconds and repeat the series 3 rounds.

A second option (very advanced), would be to perform all exercises for 20 reps, then 15 reps, then 10 reps. Go back to the start and then perform each exercise for 10 reps, then 15 reps then 20 reps.  Go back to the start, and then perform each exercise one more time for 10-20 reps, depending on how fatigued your body feels at this point.

Let’s get started!

TRX Chest Press

TRX Chest Press:  Start in a plank position. As you maintain the bracing of your core, bend your elbows until you reach approximately 90 degrees. Then, push yourself back to the start position.

TRX Tricep Press

TRX Tricep Overhead Press: Start in a plank position with your arms reaching up toward the ceiling. Keep your shoulders away from your ears (it is common for beginners to tense shoulders when learning this move). Once you have found your start position, bend your elbows to approximately 90 degrees. This time your arms remain parallel as you lower yourself toward the floor. Once you reach your end range, press yourself back to the start position.

TRX Moves

TRX Squat and Row (Advanced: add a jump):  While holding onto the TRX handles, back up until your arms are straight. Maintaining a straight arm position, sit back into an imaginary chair (you may have to adjust your feet by stepping forward a bit). Once you are in your chair, you can stand up while you also pulling up with your arms. Then repeat.

If you would like to add the jump, then you would sit back into your chair. From your chair position, jump straight up toward the ceiling, while assisting yourself with your arms.


TRX Bridge:  For the TRX Bridge, you may start with your feet on the floor. Keep your legs in a parallel position, then lift your butt high enough that you feel the back of your legs and butt engage. Tip: Make sure you DO NOT lift so high that you arch your back. Also, if your feet are on the floor, feel the weight in your heels, not just your toes.

To perform the traditional TRX Bridge, place your heels into the cradles and rest the balls of your feet against the rubber handles. All ten toes should be pointing upward and legs should be parallel. Take time to make certain your pelvis is in a neutral position. Tip: To find a neutral pelvis, lie on your back, tuck your tailbone under, and then roll your pelvis into an arched position. Do this several times, each time make your rocking motion smaller and smaller until you feel your pelvis is neither tucked nor arched. That middle position is neutral.


TRX Side Plank (Forearm or Straight arm):  The TRX side plank is SUPER tough! If you are new to side planks, start by performing them on the floor without the TRX.

To perform the TRX side plank, adjust the strap so it is mid-calf length, then hold the cradles together so they form a single strap. Place your bottom foot through the bottom cradle and your top foot can either rest on the bottom leg or you can place your foot through the triangle part of the cradle. The Forearm side plank is great and it is a better option to protect wrists and sensitive shoulders. The straight arm version is SUPER difficult and should only be performed by very skilled users.

TRX Plank Beginner Set up:  Always begin by learning how to perform a plank on the floor. To perform a proper plank, start in kneeling position on all fours. Purposely round your back like a kitty cat, then gently arch your back like a swayback cow. Do this exercise several times until you can find the middle between the two extremes. That is a neutral pelvis. Secondly, you should purposely round your upper back and then collapse your shoulder blades toward the ceiling to learn you to mobilize your scapula. In addition to a neutral pelvis, a great plank must have a neutral scapula. That means from the side view, your upper back is straight and your shoulder blades are flat.  Once you learn how to find your neutral pelvis and scapular stability, then find a full plank by curling your toes under and lifting your knees off the ground. Hold only as long as you can maintain this form.

TRX Plank: Once you have mastered a plank on the floor, start by holding a plank in the TRX. To do this, you will place your toes in the cradles and follow all the same set up steps mentioned above.

TRX Plank Tuck and Side Tuck:  Let’s assume you have mastered basic plank and TRX Plank. Now you could add a knee tuck while suspended. That knee tuck can be centered or side to side. The side to side version will be more oblique focused. Both versions work every part of your body. Your abdominals work together. They cannot be worked as “upper abs or lower abs”

Any time you do a TRX Plank of any kind, you are working your whole body from head to toe!

This series of exercises is a great way to work your whole body in a very short amount of time. The TRX is completely portable and it comes with a DVD or digital download that teaches you how to adjust the straps and basic tips. If you love the outdoors, love to travel, or have to travel for work…this is your new favorite workout and new favorite workout equipment!

I hope you love the TRX as much as I do!

Jennifer Lynn, Fabletics Master

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