Sneak Peek: Fabletics One Million VIP Members Celebration


One. Million. VIPs. We think this is something worth celebrating, so we are dedicating the entire month of July to honoring our members, VIP community and the journey we created together. In the meantime, thank you for your loyalty and stay tuned for highlights of those who inspire us (P.S. We’re talking about all of you!)

Read on to find out what else we have in store for you this month.

Fabletics million VIP week 1: our journey

Since we started, we’ve grown a lot. We are now officially residents of Canada, Australia and Europe, and love seeing you do handstands in your Salar-studded shots taken around the globe. We’ve connected face to face with thousands of you as we opened retail stores across the United States, with more to come. We also expanded our collections to include performance-inspired dresses, swimwear and even a men’s line.

What to expect: Look forward to the launch of an exclusive print, plus a peek inside our company culture and the people who make the magic happen.

Fabletics million VIP members - Week 2: Your Journey

At Fabletics, our hope is to help people live their passions, and boy do we enjoy seeing you in action. From slack-lining across canyons to playing with your kiddies after a long day at work, you keep us motivated to bring you styles and experiences that will move with you along all stages of your journey.

What to expect: Get to know some of our VIPs and their inspirational stories. And if you want to get to know you better too, we also rounded up fun facts about some of your favorite designs.

Fabletics Week: 3 Thank You

As we look back to the very beginning, we are grateful that you joined us on this ride. We work hard to inspire you, but this week we’re reminded of how much you inspire us and want to show our appreciation.

What to expect: Get ready for a chance to score something big! That’s all we can say for now 😉

Fabletics million VIP - Week4_Looking Forward

Ready to take our relationship to the next level? We’re rolling out the red carpet for our VIPs. Keep your eyes open for exciting announcements to take your community to the next level!

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