#FIIT | 4 Playful Bodyweight Exercises


Fabletics Master, Jaime McFaden, owns her own fitness company, WheybyJ, and works with well-known fitness personality, Jillian Michaels.  We’re lucky to have her onboard our FIIT FRIDAY series. Jamie’s approach to fitness revolves around a bodyweight-based routine that can be done anytime, anywhere.  Check out her favorite animal-inspired moves, including the Fish Flop, the Kangaroo, the Star Hop, and the Monkey Squat.  Let’s break that down for you:

Fish Flop:
Start by lying on your stomach and splaying your arms out on both sides at a 90-degree angle.  Keep your feet pointed.  Lift your legs and your arms up with your core and pedal them up and down, like you are swimming.  Then, flip over, belly facing up, and repeat.  This exercise is great for working your core muscles.

Stand straight with your arms in front of your face and your feet slightly apart.  Punch your arms out as if you were punching a bag, and then do a high kick on both legs, one at a time.  Repeat.  This martial arts-inspired move works your arms, shoulders, and legs.

Star Hop:
Crouch down, knees bent and arms in prayer position.  Burst out into a “star” shape, and land in your starting position.  Flip your body in the opposite direction, and repeat.  This common HIIT-inspired move blasts fat quickly.

Monkey Squat:
Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.  Bend down and touch your toes.  Bring your butt down into a crouching position, and bring it back up slowly.  Repeat.  This move may look simple, but it works your body hard, toning your leg muscles and even your abs.

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  • Sarvataa Christie
    June 19, 2016

    You’re hips aren’t square in your commercial in the yoga pose… Watch out for your si!!!