FIIT | 4 Moves to Tone Your Lower Body


Personal trainer and fitness blogger for Love, Sweat, and Fitness, Katie Dunlop, brings a dynamic background of yoga, barre and boot camp to our FIIT Fridays series. Tune in for her key moves that will work your booty and legs. This week’s line-up includes Curtsey Squat Jumps, Stink Bug Hops, Elevated Donkey Kicks, and Grand Plie Squat Jumps. Let’s break that down for you:

Curtsey Squat Jumps:
Cross your legs and squat down as if you were doing a curtsey. Bring your arms in as you lower down, and then burst up into a jump, landing in the same starting position. Repeat on the opposite leg. This simple move burns your booty, so you can score that summer-ready body.

Stink Bug Hops:
Crouch down with your legs open and sit your butt down as far as possible. Position your hands in front of you in prayer position. Pulse your booty up slightly, hold, squat back down, and then jump. Repeat. This fun workout will also blast your booty into shape, along with your legs.

Elevated Donkey Kicks:
Lower your body into tabletop position. Kick one leg up, and then kick the other leg up. Go for as many reps as you can. This super easy move tones your legs in no time.

Grand Plie Squat Jumps:
Squat with your legs out to the side and position your hands in prayer position. Pulse up, squat down, and then jump, while freeing your hands to both sides. Get ready to work on your booty with this essential move.

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