4 Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipes


The beginning of summer is a great time to reset our awareness towards overall wellbeing.  The long days full of activities and exotic travel, while exhilarating, tend to put us into an unrelenting routine that can leave one feeling depleted or overrun.  We all set out to relax and take a break, but ultimately, this inspiring sunny season can have a strong impact over our body, spirit, and soul.  Taking the time to care for yourself can often be the last thing we have on our minds when we are trying to fit everything in.

Cold Brew your Teas

The ever so popular method of cold brewing isn’t just for coffee.  Cold brewing makes it easy to enjoy most types of tea as it requires no energy to heat the water, and doesn’t require exact steeping times.  The forgiving nature of a cold brewed tea eliminates a good amount of acidity, bitterness, and overall, brings out more delicate aromas and flavors in a way that is very different from brewing with hot water.  Brewing with cold water actually allows the tealeaves, or herbs, a chance to extract their wellness properties in a very delicate way.  Hot brewing breaks down the plant further and can end up diminishing the more sensitive nature of a plant.  However, cold water actually supports and maintains higher anti-oxidant levels and leaves behind more of the natural plant oils and essence.  In this way, cold brewing becomes not only more palatable for most new tea drinkers, but more active, alive, and bio-available.

In honor of National Iced Tea Day, here are some botanical beauty and wellbeing tips and recipes to help ensure that this summer season is one of your healthiest (and sexiest) yet!

Whether you find yourself dehydrated, feeling a bit under the weather, or stressed from travel, teas and botanicals have an abundance of wellness elements.

There are many things I love about sitting and being present with a hot brewing cup of tea, but during Summer when I have a lot on my plate or want to enjoy an iced tea beverage, cold brewed tea is what I seek.

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