International Yoga Day


To honor International Yoga Day, we’re going to dive into its rich history and unveil how this sacred practice came to be the worldwide phenomenon that it is today.  Although researchers aren’t totally certain when Yoga was born, we know that the first written documents (more like inscriptions on palm leaves), date back to about 5,000 years ago in Northern India.  These texts were part of a greater book called the Rig Veda, which contained songs, mantras, and rituals practiced by the Brahmans (priests).  Over the centuries, Yoga developed from a collection of ideas that could be practiced to achieve enlightenment into physical actions that could be practiced to achieve enlightenment.  In the early 1900s, yoga masters started bringing their practice to the West, opening the first Yoga studio in Hollywood in 1947.

Today, Yoga has reached a mainstream presence.  It is such an integral part of our culture that pants are made just for the practice, and yoga terms, like karma and Namaste, are used on the regular.  All different types of people practice all different types of Yoga.  Some focus more on the breath, while others focus more on the mechanics of movement.  Luckily, there is truly something for everyone.  Let’s celebrate this day with a throwback to our favorite Yoga posts from our blog.

Yoga Month

Celebrate National Yoga Month with a Pose a Day

Yoga not only has its own national holiday, it also claims an entire month on our calendars.  Back in September, for National Yoga Month, we shared one pose a day, so people at all levels could give this practice a try.  Read more.

Yoga for energy

6 Yoga Poses that Boost Energy

We taught you how to substitute coffee for cobra (ok, well we tried).  Enjoy 6 yoga poses and breath work exercises that reinvigorate your body with an extra energy boost.  Read more.

Go-to Yoga

Your Go-To Yoga Sequence

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a newbie, having a yoga sequence in the back of your pocket can be helpful.  We provided you with key moves that work every angle of your body.  Read more.

Yoga moves for weight loss

Yoga Poses that Promote Weight Loss

Yoga not only makes you feel good, it also helps you look good!  Our highlighted poses stimulate your organs, lengthen your muscles, and tone your body from the inside out.  Read more.

Acro | Fabletics Blog

Start “Flying” with Acro Yoga

Practicing yoga in pairs builds strength, trust and communication.  It also brings back a playful nature that many of us adults forget to incorporate into our lives.  Read more.


The Best Bedtime Yoga Routine

An all-natural sleeping aid, these Yoga moves work to turn your body, and mind off, so you can enjoy and effortless night of sleep.  Read more.


The best way to celebrate International Yoga Day-besides reading our blog posts, of course-is to shop for new yoga outfits!  Check out our post on the must-have styles for the mat and beyond.

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