7 Partner Moves to a Stronger Bond


Finding a partner to exercise with is the perfect way to stay motivated.  Multiple studies have shown the positive effects of working out as a team, such as extra impetus to work harder, increased fun, and a stronger bond with your partner.

Perform each move for 30 seconds then repeat.  Alternate sides when needed.

Partner Lunges

Tick Tock Lunge: Stand facing each other and hold one another’s right hand.  Partner #1 lunges forward bending at the knee to a 90-degree angle, while partner #2 lunges backwards.

Partner Pull Ups

Standing Partner Pull-ups: Face each other and hold hands.  Partner #1 pulls arms back and lowers down towards the floor.  Partner #2 is using their body weight as resistance as partner #1 pulls their body down.  Once partner #1 lowers all the way down to the ground, partner #2 begins to pull partner #1 up to stand.

Leap Frog

Leap Frogs: Partners face each other and hold hands.  Bending the knees and lowering the body down for a squat and jump up in sync, landing softly on the feet.  Repeat.

Push to Press couples workout

Floor Push to Press: Partner #2 lays flat on the floor on their back.  Partner #1 stands over partner #2, holding their hands with arms fully extended.  Partner #2 pulls partner #1 towards them.  Both partners use their bodyweight as resistance, while bending their elbows and pulling toward one another.

back to back chair partner move

Back to Back Chair: Partners stand with their backs together and slowly inch feet forward until squatting down to a 90-degree bend.  Hold the position for 30 seconds.

Down dog partner move

Double Down Dog: Partner #2 places hands and feet on the ground, while raising hips as high as possible in a down dog position.  Partner #1 places hands on the ground about 2 feet in front of partner #2’s hands, and steps one foot at a time on partner #2’s lower back, right over the tail bone area.  Both partners hold the pose for 30 seconds.  For an extra challenge, partner #1 can try lifting one leg at a time.

Sit up squat

Sit up Squat: Partner #1 jumps onto partner #2 and wraps legs around partner #2’s hips, interlocking the feet.  Partner #1 reaches arms behind their head and with a strong and stable core, lowers down towards the floor and performs a full sit-up to return to start.  Partner #2 extends arms forward and lowers down as far as possible.  Partner #2 returns to stand and partner #1 repeats the full sit-up.

Not only are these partner moves fun, but they are a great way to burn calories and challenge each other.  By working out with a spouse, friend or loved one – you will support one another to be healthier and happier together.

Jaime Mcfaden, Fabletics Master

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