5 Ways to Prep Your Body for Summer


This summer, some of us will excitedly pull out our swimsuits with pride, while others will bury their bikinis deep within a dresser drawer.  The first day out at the beach can feel a little like taking your final exam.  It’s all about how much and how well you studied (aka: worked out and ate well).  If workouts and vegetables got away from you this winter, it’s time to play catch up!

Finding the right workouts can be challenging.  But follow these easy tips to find how to set yourself up for success.  Get on the path to exude your best self, radiate confidence, and wear that swimsuit of yours like a boss!

Set a healthy intention

Starting off with a goal will set the tone for getting into summer shape.  Is it to feel confident in that swimsuit?  To fit into another size?  What about training for a 5k, 8k, or half marathon?  Setting manageable long-term goals is a lot like having someone tap you on the shoulder when slippery situations may arise.  Plan big and be your own best accountability monitor!

Make a plan

Speaking of planning, once you’ve established your bigger goal, it’s time to set up an outline towards reaching it with accolades!  Do so by setting up smaller, short-term goals.  Short-term goals include scheduling workouts for the week, trying a new workout, trying a new healthy recipe, increasing your water intake by one glass a day, or aiming to get in another mile each week.  Aim for 3-5 workouts a week that combine cardiovascular training with strength training.  These should leave no muscle group unworked!

Seek out a coach

Still not sure if you can do it on your own?  Find a certified personal trainer who can help you with your goals.  Other excellent people to reach out to are yoga masters, running coaches, and fitness instructors.  Need some help with workout recovery?  Recruit a massage therapist or acupuncturist.  Work hard, recover, and do it again!

Let’s make a deal

It’s summer, and margaritas sound damn good in the summer!  But how will something like summer cocktails and BBQ dishes affect your trek to a hot summer bod?  It’s all about balance.  You have this very important overarching goal to reach, and while every bit of healthy eating and exercise counts, it’s ok to indulge occasionally.  Programs like Weight Watchers help you look at all of the above in a healthy, doable way.

Implement a better reward system

It’s so easy to be like, “I went to spin class, so I deserve this venti mocha Frappuccino with extra whipped cream.”  Many of us were brought up thinking of dessert and junk food as a reward.  Now as an adult, those “rewards” actually start to serve as punishments.  Trade these for better treats by getting a massage, booking a trip, buying music tickets, or even scrolling the Fabletics website for a new workout top!

Getting into summer shape means staying accountable, challenging yourself, and feeling good about yourself and your progress!

Lisa Payne, Fabletics Master

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