#FIIT | 4 Total-Body Moves Using Light Weights


JJ Dancer, aka Jennifer Johnson, is a personal trainer, choreographer, and professional dancer.  She’s essentially the “it girl” of cardio dance fitness.  We’re lucky to have her onboard our FIIT FRIDAY series.  Check out her favorite moves (with a whole lot of flare), including the Curtsy Kick, Lunge Back & Kick Side, Tuck & Hold, and the Squat & Twerk.  Let’s break that down for you.

Curtsy Kick

Kneel your right knee down on the ground and position your left leg at a 45-degree angle inwards.  Bend your left arm in with a weight in hand, and extend your right arm out with a weight.  Step up with your right leg and kick it way up, while straightening your right arm up.  Lower back down into a “curtsy” and repeat.  After a few sets, switch sides.  This move will work your quads, glutes, and shoulders.

Lunge Back & Kick Side

Position your body into a forward lunge with your left leg in front, but lower it all way way down on the ground, so your lower butt is resting on your foot.  Keep your right arm straight out in front of you, and keep your left arm in a “row” position, holding a weight.  Stretch your left arm forward, so it touches the ground, while stretching your right leg in and out with a kick.  Resume starting position and repeat!  Get ready to blast some major booty muscles and work your body down to its core.

Tuck & Hold

Get into a tabletop position, holding a weight in your right hand and in your indent on your left leg.  Kick your left leg up, while lifting your right arm.  Hold if for three seconds, and return to starting position.  Repeat and switch sides.  This set will tone your booty muscles, your lower back, and your core!

Squat & Twerk

Stand straight with your legs hip-width apart, and your arms straight down at your sides (with weights in your hands).  Lift your left arm up and cross it over in front of you, while squatting.  Then lift your right arm up, while kicking up your left leg out and in.  Repeat on the other side, so it’s a fluid dance-like motion.  This key sequence will strengthen your booty, quads, and arms.

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2 Responses
  • Dlorah Martin
    June 10, 2016

    Kate Huelter and Sharayah Lehnert, y’all used to tease me about my Cheer Star Elite workouts in the EOU gym, but here’s proof they’re a real thing!! 😉 hahaha Heather Rapp

  • Amy Gingrich
    June 10, 2016

    Amanda can we please try this?