How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town


A lot of us have an image of the typical tourist — abnormally high-rise cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirt tucked in, high socks and 80s Reebok sneaks (sorry, Reebok), and a camera permanently attached to their body.  Let’s just say, being a tourist in your own town doesn’t always look appealing.  We’re about to change this misconception by showing you how to be a local tourist, in the most stylish way of course!

Be a tourist in your own city- Fabletics

Go Au Naturel

Every town has some form of nature, even the most industrialized ones.  Find your favorite spot — you can always use Yelp or Meetup to find a popular one-and enjoy your great backyard!  Go hiking, fishing, frolicking through cornfields — whatever your landscape has to offer.  Bring along your camera phone to document your day so you can feel like a true traveler.

What to wear: If you plan on getting outdoors, opt for a high-performance look, like the Jucunda outfit.  Its perforated tank is extremely airy in case it gets hot, the sports bra offers great support, and our solid crops move with your body.

Be a tourist in your own town- Fabletics

Urban Planner

Plan a day in the center of it all!  Whether your town has a main drag or lots of must-see areas, try to tackle all of them!  Look up your city website if you live in a smaller area, or log onto Time Out or Refinery 29 to see what is going on in your hood.  You can always go old school by purchasing a Frommer’s travel book to lead the way.  If you live in a star-studded locale, find a star map, so you can see where the celebs dwell.

What to wear: City style means serious business.  Go for a fashion forward look in our Nolina outfit, which features an edgy cutout-shoulder tee and tapered pants with cool, open braiding for extra airflow.

Be a tourist in your own town - Fabletics

Life’s a Wild Ride

Most cities have a fun amusement park that you should check out.  Buy a full-day pass and get ready to taste the local treats — we probably shouldn’t be saying this, but go on and indulge in fried gator bites, funnel cake, and frozen lemonade!  Take a trip to the gift shop and treat yourself to a keepsake so you can remember your fun adventure.

What to wear: If you’re hitting a water park, suit up in our Colony look, which features our Americana-print Raquel Bikini top and Bajan Hipster Bottom.  For non-water parks, wear our Mica outfit.  A lightweight strappy tank is comfortable and stylish, and our Heat Wave-printed Yoga Capri is made with all-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric for a day outdoors.

Be a tourist in your own town- Fabletics

Street Eats

Part of being a tourist is eating at the top spots.  These local eats don’t have to be fancy — sometimes the best can be found in hole-in-the-wall joints.  Watch an episode of Food Network’s, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to see if any of your town’s restaurants made the cut.  Also, refer to Zagat or Yelp for helpful suggestions.  Try and order the most popular dish on the menu, so you can enjoy the true flavors of your hometown.

What to wear: Since you’re about to treat yourself, you may as well look the part.  Dress up in our Sandstorm-print Dash Jumpsuit.  It’s designed with a strappy back for extra style and an elastic waistband in case you eat one too many French fries!

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