Your Summer Workout Playlist


Summer’s here, and while the living may be carefree and easy, your workouts shouldn’t be.  We’ve got a summer workout playlist so good that it will get you started and keep you motivated through that final mile, that last sprint, that last 2000-meter row, and that last crazy circuit training round.

Enter these power songs into your Spotify and let’s get our summer workout started!  Whether you’re in the gym or outdoors, these strong beats will keep you fired up and moving!

Tish Watson, Fabletics Master

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  • Elizabeth Montgomery
    July 2, 2016

    WARNING!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. This is fraud. I am absolutely disgusted with this company. My husband bought me an outfit on Feb 24 for $38.82 US which we received the product for. (this charge we agreed to). On March 11 we were charged $33.99 (we did not agree to this charge nor did we received product). Again my husband made a purchase on March 29 for $49.94 which we did receive product, so we agreed to this charge, but then after that we were charged on April 6 unknowingly for $49.95 and again in May for $49.95 and again in June for $49.95. We have disputed the 4 charges that we didn’t realize we were being charged for,we only received 2 reimbursements (which were under the original amount given the exchange rate in Canada) and they refused to give us back our two remaining charges, stating we agree to some sort of VIP account set up. This is a SHAM, these products are not nearly worth the hassel. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!! I plan to continue escalating complaints until I get my money back. This is awful Kate, I hope you really know whats happen here under your name thats being splattered in the mud!