5 Basketball-Inspired Partner Exercises


A great way to get moving this summer is by grabbing a partner and giving a basketball-inspired workout a shot!  Stop watching sports from the couch, and start working up a sweat like the true all-star that you are.

Equipment = two bodies, one basketball

Basketball-inspired Workout

“Get-the-Tip” Squats

Partners should face one another about two feet apart, both stepping the right foot forward.  Bringing the right hand forward, sink into a squat (head up/butt down), rise up, and reach up to give one another a high-five.  Repeat movement for 6-10 repetitions, switch feet/hands and perform move again.

Basketball-inspired Partner Workout

“Chest Pass” Side Shuffle

One partner should hold the basketball, face one another a few feet apart, bend your knees, keep your eyes up and on your partner, decide which direction, extend one foot out and shuffle the other foot toward it.  Perform three shuffles, partner with ball passes straight from the chest with two hands, repeat shuffles in opposite direction, continue for 10 passes.

Basketball-inspired partner workout

“Jump Ball” Tug

Partners face one another, each holding basketball, step closer together, slightly bend arms, each stepping the left or right foot forward, sink into an athletic position with knees bent, and NOW play take-a-way.  Perform for 10-15 seconds and for 1-3 rounds.

Basketball-inspired Partner Workout


Partners should run straight ahead for 10 yards, bend down and touch the ground, stand, return back to starting position, turn and run for 20 yards, bend to touch ground, and return to start touching the ground again.  Repeat this sequence 2-4 times.

Basketball-Inspired Partner Workout

“Twist Hand-Off”

Partners should stand back-to-back with about two feet in between, one partner holding the ball, knees soft/abs tight, partners make turn to right with feet in place, partner hands ball off and both return to start.  Repeat movement to the left, and continue switching for 6-10 passes on each side.

David Girt, Lead Coach at LiveNow Fitness, NASM-Certified Trainer

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