The Sound of Success: Will Claye’s Playlists


Will Claye is more than an Olympic athlete and co-designer of our new capsule collection for FL2,  he’s also a recording artist and serious music lover. It comes as no surprise that music is a key element in Will’s training and pre-meet rituals. For weight training sessions, it’s the verses of Kendrick Lamar and YG that help him power through 4+ hours in the weight room. To get into ‘the zone,’ Lauren Hill and Bob Marley help him relax and get into a competition mindset. The link between music and mood can’t be underestimated, so whether you’d like to “turn up” with high-energy tunes and old-school hip hop, or “turn down” with relaxing tracks to help you focus your mind and conserve your energy, here’s a look at what Will is listening to:

Learn how Will mentally prepares for a competition.

Try Will’s weight room routine.