3 Guilt-Free “Sushi” Recipes


Going on my 11th year of what I refer to as my “health-kick phase,” I’ve learned a lot about myself and have had to find ways to embrace healthier habits.  For me, changing things up is key, so I don’t get bored.  And to be honest, it is our own imagination that can limit our healthy cooking.  So, when I reduced my white rice intake, that put a damper on eating my favorite food, sushi.  Enter the almighty and versatile cucumber.  That’s right, after you scare your cat with one of nature’s most hydrating veggies, you can use the cucumber for your low-carb sushi meal!

How to prepare your cucumber (I suggest a garden cucumber and making sure it is organic):

1.  Chop off the ends of the cucumber, so you can clearly see the inner circle of seeds.  I save the ends and add to my water.  Here is an infuser water bottle to make it easy, use code FAB30, for 30% off purchase
2.  *Optional* – Shave off the rind (add scraps to your water)
3.   Slice cucumber in half, longwise
4.   Scoop out the seeds (great to add into plain Greek yogurt +garlic and dill for a homemade tzatziki sauce)

Breakfast Sushi (Dough-less Mini Bagels)

Smoked salmon
Light cream cheese
2 teaspoons of Capers
Diced Red Onions
Diced Tomatoes
Chia seeds (optional garnish)

This is a great right after a morning workout.  The cucumber replenishes your daily vitamins while rehydrating your body.  Salmon is great to keep your brain sharp, skin smooth, and a good source of protein.

1.  Spread light cream cheese (vegan-friendly options okay!) on the inside of both halved cucumbers
2.  Chop red onion and tomato into small dices and fill the center of one half of the cucumber
3.  In the other half cucumber, fill center with smoked salmon and add capers to preference
4.  Combine the halves as if you are putting back together the two cucumber halves
5.  Cut into slices and sprinkle with chia seeds for texture

Lunch Sushi (Mediterranean and Vegetarian-Friendly)

Cooked Quinoa
Olives (pitted)
Dill Leaves
Cucumber Seeds
Minced Garlic
Diced Tomatoes
Plain Greek Yogurt
Hemp Seeds
Diced Red Onion
Optional: Shredded Turkey or Feta

Incorporating quinoa and Greek yogurt help make this a great pre-workout meal.  The lycopene found in tomatoes is great for heart health.  So whether you are taking a power walk at lunch or pumping some mid-afternoon iron, you’ll want to get your heart rate up for your body to enjoy these nutrients!

1.  Mix cooked quinoa with olives, diced tomatoes, diced red onion, and the optional shredded turkey and/or feta cheese
2.  Make tzatziki sauce with plain Greek yogurt, dill, cucumber seeds, minced garlic, and salt/pepper to taste (let drain through cheesecloth if runny)
3.  Line inside of both cucumbers with homemade tzatziki sauce and fill hollowed out portion with quinoa salad
4.  Combine the halves as if you are putting back together the two cucumber halves
5.  Cut into slices and sprinkle with hemp seeds for texture

Dinner Sushi (Sweet & Spicy Fish)

Seared Tuna (or Cooked Shrimp!)
Carrots (matchsticks)
Sesame Seeds
Sliced Mango
Chili Pepper
Soy Sauce

This is great for the end of the day cellular recovery.  Fish, spinach, and carrots are great foods are key foods that aid in this process.  The hint of spice will keep your metabolism boosted while the mango helps do the same for your immune system.

1.  Mash avocado and mix in a little soy sauce and lemon juice (set aside extra soy sauce and lemon juice mixture for dipping sauce)
2.  Spread avocado mixture on open part of the cucumbers and layer 1 hollowed out side with matchstick carrots, sliced mango, slivers of sliced chili pepper, and chopped spinach
3.  In the other half, fill hollowed out side with seared tuna (or cooked shrimp)
4.  Combine the halves as if you are putting back together the two cucumber halves
5.  Cut into slices and sprinkle with sesame seeds for texture, use dipping sauce if desired


Jenna Dodge, Certified Health Educator specializing in Exercise & Nutrition

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