Fabletics’ Fave Summer Travel Spots


Ever wonder what goes on inside the Fabletics headquarters?  Well, a whole lot of adventures that take place outside of the office (don’t worry, we always have someone manning the desk)!  Tune into our seasonal series as we track our employees’ favorite getaways, what to do there, what to pack, and the best local flavors to feast on!

European Extravaganza

Where did you travel:
Lisbon, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Hvar, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Mykonos, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Athens, Greece

Packing essentials:
1.  SUNSCREEN and hat!  The sun is extremely strong, especially in Greece.
2.  Comfortable shoes.  You will do a lot of walking in all of these cities.
3.  Water shoes.  I know they can be dorky sometimes, but the water/beaches in Greece and Croatia are very rocky.
4.  Camera.  These cities are just way too gorgeous not to take a million pictures!
5.  Umbrella.  Lisbon is similar to SF and gets rainy often.  Some of the other cities get random spurts of rain in the summer as well.

The best thing you ate:
The best thing I ate was a tie between burrata at an amazing beach side restaurant in Barcelona, and Feta Cheese/Gyros in Greece.  The Feta cheese in Greece comes in sheets and nothing will ever compare to it here in the states.  Greece just had the most amazing food in general!!  (and cheap too!)

Greece Travel

Favorite part of the trip:
Every part of the trip was amazing with too many great days to choose from, but there was one day that stood out the most to me, which was my trip to Santorini.  My boyfriend and I rented an ATV and traveled all around the island to see some incredible beaches.  We also went wine tasting at a cliffside winery overlooking the sea.  It was one the best days just driving around, exploring, and getting lost.

Your favorite souvenir:
My nice tan 🙂

If you go, you must…
1.  Visit Hvar- Go on a boat excursion in Hvar and go see the Blue cave!
2.  To a trip to Dubrovnik- If you watch Game of Thrones, you must take a Game of Thrones walking tour with Dubrovnik Day Tours.  Our guide was probably one of the funniest people I met on the trip.
3.  Rent an ATV in Santorini.
4.  Eat as many Gyros as you possibly can in Mykonos.
5.  Eat an ice cream at Santini in Lisbon.
6.  Go to the W hotel for drinks in Barcelona at Sunset.
7.  Lastly, talk to everyone and make friends!  The best part about traveling is meeting new people and being spontaneous without making set plans!

Greece Travel

The trip summarized in three words:
All a dream.

Danya Abughalya, Fabletics CRM Specialist

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