All About Fall Florals


Featuring two floral-inspired prints, our September collection is blooming with possibilities. And with flowers majorly on our mind, we reached out to LA-based floral company, Urban Botanicals, for a little more about fall’s finest blooms. Read on to browse what’s in-season for fall and enjoy some step-by-step arranging tips while you’re at it!

Ready to get started? Read on for everything you need to know about fall florals!

When it comes to fall flowers, we’re all about about rich reds, deep oranges, and mustard yellows that capture the beauty of the new season. And with beautiful leaves, crisp, clean air, and the holidays in the horizon, there’s no better time to perfect your florist skills than fall.

What’s in Season for Fall:


And don’t forget the fillers! Our favorite fall fillers include (but are not limited to!):

Cotton Balls
Berry Branches
Curly Willow
Fig Branches
Queen Anne’s Lace

Once you choose the blooms you want to use, it’s time to start arranging them! Read on for tips that’ll make your flowers look gorgeous (and last!):


Step 1: As soon as you get home, place your flowers in water. Fill buckets with cool water, add some flower food, and then add the flowers. Before you add the flowers, cut about an inch off each stem with a sharp knife or scissors. This fresh and clean cut will help the stems absorb water.

Step 2: Re-cut stems just before adding them to the arrangement. Remove all leaves that fall below the water line (this will ensure no bacteria kills those blooms!).

Step 3: Add large, heavier flowers first on all sides for even placement. Fill in the spaces once finished with smaller, lighter flowers, and leave enough space between each stem so flowers have room to grow. Cut flowers at different lengths for dimension.

Step 4: Make your arrangement about 1.5x taller than its vase. The width should also balance the height.

Step 5: Mix flowers of different textures for an arrangement with interest and intrigue.

Step 6: Once you have placed your larger flowers in the vase, fill in the spaces with fillers and stems – in our opinion, the more leaves, the better.

Now it’s time to enjoy your beautiful custom floral arrangement. Expert tip: be sure to change the water in your arrangement often, and keep it away from direct heat and sunlight.


Do you have any go-to fall flowers? We’d love to hear your favorites!

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