Shine On: How to Celebrate the Full Moon


October conjures up images of sitting on a porch swing, bundled in a sweater, sipping hot cocoa while gazing up at a full moon. Since the moon has such a profound effect on the natural world, some see the its cycle as a metaphor for the natural flow of energy in our lives. The new moon becomes a perfect time for beginnings and setting intentions. The waxing moon is a time to build and manifest. The full moon is when we celebrate abundance and all that has come to fruition, but also pause and take inventory. The waning moon is a time to complete what we started. With this in mind, any time the moon is full (next on October 16) becomes a powerful time to let go of what isn’t serving us.

As fire is believed to facilitate rapid transformation, one way to celebrate the full moon is with a fire ritual. The ritual enables us to let go of old stories and patterns by burning them and turning them over to the Universe. By doing this, you’re creating a space for a new way of being to emerge! Anyone do it; it’s simple.


Your Step-by-Step Guide

1. You Can’t Mess This Up
The most important step is to remember that you are creating the ritual. You might feel silly or like you don’t know what you’re doing, but remember that there is no right or wrong. This is your ceremony. It can look and sound however you want, as long as it is meaningful to you.

2. A Special Space
Choose a space to perform your ritual beforehand. You’ll want to make sure you have the privacy you need to be fully present. It’s fine to invite others, as long as they are supportive and non-judgmental. It’s better to have your ritual outdoors where you can easily connect with the earth and moon, although a quiet spot indoors with a candle is perfectly fine.

3. Stuff You Need
You will need the following supplies:

• a fire-proof vessel
• matches
• paper and pen
• for outdoor ceremony: kindling fire
• for indoor ceremony: a white candle
• a pitcher of water (for quickly dousing a fire, if necessary)

4. Lighting the Fire
If you’re outdoors, you’ll need to create a small fire in a safe container or fire pit. There’s no need for a bonfire or a full-on campfire. You want your fire to be controlled and manageable. If you’re indoors, simply light a candle and have a fireproof vessel, like a metal or ceramic bowl, nearby. Spend some time with the fire, feeling its power and transformative nature.

5. Write it Down
Spend some time meditating on what it is that you’re ready to let go. Get clear about what it is that stands in your way. It might be a belief or a behavior. Spend some time drilling it down from conceptual to specific. For instance, you might feel that you need to stop playing small at work. If you consider how that shows up in a real way, you might find that you need to let go of being liked at the expense of being a good manager. When you’re able to articulate what you are letting go of, write it down.

6. A New Vision
Once you’ve written down what you will be letting go of, meditate on what changes will follow. What will you be able to do—or more importantly, who will you be able to be—if you are no longer holding on to this old way? By burning away the obstacles, you’re creating space for something new to take shape. What does that look like and how do you feel when you imagine this new possibility?

7. Let it Burn
When you are ready, toss your obstacles in the fire and clear the path for a new and much happier you! It’s a fun way to visualize the process of letting go and moving on to bigger and better things.

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  • Kelly Lambe
    October 15, 2016

    I would like to consider joining – but most of the pants in a size M that are fun solid colors are out of stock. How does the program work? Are items restocked, how often do new outfits come out. Please share ????

  • Kelly Lambe
    October 15, 2016

    Lindsey Kay Brannen thanks :). I like the product, too! The challenge is that they don’t have the stuff that I want in stock. I’m curious about the frequency that the items are restocked and when new items come out. Hopefully Fabletics is able to provide more detailed info.

  • Jaci Kubasek
    October 15, 2016

    Kelly Lambe I was thinking the same! I haven’t tried the product yet!

  • Jaci Kubasek
    October 15, 2016

    Lindsey Kay Brannen are the product good quality I have heard both sides? They look great!!

  • Fabletics
    October 17, 2016

    Hi Kelly, in addition to what the ladies said, please know that customers can opt to check out as either a Guest member, where items are purchased at retail prices or as a new VIP member, where items are purchased at VIP only prices; first purchase can be upto 50-70% off depending on the current promotion.
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  • Lindsey Kay Brannen
    October 17, 2016

    Jaci Kubasek I think they are great quality. I have some pieces I’ve had for over a year and they still look new. I’ve used them at least once a week. They hold up well when washed too, just don’t use fabric softener and hang them to dry. The only thing that’s a little annoying are the removable bra pads in some shirts. They can be tricky to get in and out but it’s not any worse than other brands.

  • Fatima Jimenez Garcia
    October 17, 2016

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  • Kelly Lambe
    October 17, 2016

    Fabletics thank you. I would love to join. But – my main question is “when do you restock.” ???? Almost all the items that I like (pants in solid bright colors) are out of stock in size M.

  • Fabletics
    October 24, 2016

    We do not normally restock items that have been sold out style wise. However, we release new items every 1st of the month. This would be the best time to secure both the items and the sizes that you would want. -Nikki M.