Behind the Screen: Our Epic Journey to Iceland


This season is all about taking it to the limit, so naturally we scoured the globe for the perfect setting to put our performance-inspired, cold-weather pieces to the test. After combing the earth for the most inspirational backdrops, we landed on a little island on the edge of the world, called Iceland. Our Creative team packed their bags (and their Fabletics gear, of course) and headed north (really, really far north). Come join us as we go behind the screen of our coolest photo shoot to date!

The Itinerary:

With a 7-hour jetlag and a much needed dose of Icelandic coffee, we headed out to our first destination in southeast Iceland. There was a constant stream of light rain, but our models Fanny and Sabrina (who hailed from Paris), and our Chief Stylist Ginger were such troopers. There was nothing that they couldn’t handle. Even a little pampering session!


We set up camp in Jökulsárlón—hard on the mouth, but extremely easy on the eyes. Just take a look!


Ginger showed off her off-the-cuff workouts by performing core moves on rocks, running through the water and getting in some leg work on moss-covered cliffs. The wind picked up later in the day, so Ginger had the idea of latching on a speed chute (yes, we just happened to have one on us) to show the force of the wind and our high-impact layers.


Consistent with our October collection, this arctic paradise captures the clashing of opposites (but in the most harmonious way possible). Rocky terrain flows into smooth, icy-blue water, and dark colors line up against striking white and blue hues. We shot until sunset, which was absolutely breath-taking! The pinkish blue colors were other-worldly.


Stay tuned next month for more behind-the-scene clips of our wild journey!


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3 Responses
  • HeatherMichelle1
    October 2, 2016

    I knew your pics from this month were from Iceland the moment I opened my email! I lived there for a year and a half. Heaven on Earth! Instantly got me excited for this month and what’s to come!

  • bannvph00701
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  • bannvph00701
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