In Detail: A Closer Look at October Prints


Shot against the other-worldly backdrop of Iceland, our October shoot was a true collision of opposites—rocky terrain juxtaposed with smooth, serene oceans, and dark stones against brilliant icy blue skies. This was no coincidence; the concept of contrast was a major source of inspiration for all our October designs, with bold prints combining black and white, feminine and abstract, pretty and powerful to great effect. Let’s take a look in more detail:


Dark Romance

“We received such great feedback on last year’s floral print that we decided to infuse some richer colors and deeper tones to create the perfect fall floral.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

We reimagined last year’s top-selling Romantic Print with more impactful colors and a deeper, moodier background. This unique combo of pretty and powerful taps into a popular theme from past collections (and a concept that Fabletics is founded on). We’re out to prove that florals don’t have to be dainty—they can be beautiful and strong at the same time, and that’s exactly what this month’s Dark Romance print does. Put the petal to the metal (literally) in our new jogger-legging design and performance capri.



“You can’t go wrong with a black and white print. Streamline the look with all-black layers or add a pop of color for a bold statement.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

This monochrome design is October’s ‘no-print’ print. For those who are more pattern-shy, this one was made for you. Bringing together opposing shades of black and white, this print also incorporates varying shades of grey to create a tonal effect. In fact, from afar this pattern looks like a highly textured fabric, which we absolutely love. Be the life of the performance party in Confetti Print high-impact leggings, full-print bottoms and an essential sports bra.


Electric Zebra

“This is not your typical animal print, and we like it that way. Plus, we love the idea of keeping bold, bright colors going past summer.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Let’s be honest, looking at Iceland is like seeing the word through a distorted lens—everything in the natural environment is so vivid that it almost seems surreal. We created this electric combination of colors to mimic the rich array of hues we encountered on our journey—bold blues, striking greens and neon yellows. A kaleidoscopic animal print that was made to be seen, it’s ready to take on the world (and your workout).


Floral Jacquard

“This subtle floral print is our abstract take on a feminine design. Make it edgy with a leather jacket or keep it soft with lightweight layers.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Our floral jacquard design is back in rotation, but this time with a greater purpose (other than your very important Pilates routine, of course). Our bold pink update to this favorite print helps out a very worthwhile cause, with proceeds benefitting the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative. Look good, while doing good. It’s a definite win-win.

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