See What Fabletics Staffers Keep in Their Pockets


Although we admittedly love our handbags (and Fabletics carryalls, of course), sometimes we want to live life hands-free, especially during hardcore workouts. That’s why we designed our latest performance leggings, dresses and outerwear with plenty of pockets in all the right places, so you can hold on to everything you need at every moment. So—flashing back to our favorite What’s in The Bag? articles—we took a peek at what our own staffers carry in their pockets every day.



Jenny Der, Senior Copywriter

The Style: Gia Capri
“I love the pockets on the new Gia Capri! There are so many more than our standard performance bottoms and they’re subtle, so they don’t take away from the style.”

The Stuff:
“I have a lot of cards that I carry with me—credit cards, IDs, my gym membership. I just put them into the envelope pockets on the sides, so I don’t ever lose them. I also love the back zipper pocket because it’s water-resistant, which is great for keeping things sweat-free when I’m working out.

Marissa Bell, VP Marketing

The Style: Pella Coat
“When I’m traveling, I always bring a coat along just in case. I love this style because—even though it has so many places to keep everything I need—it’s really simple and streamlined.”

The Stuff:
“I love the large back pocket; it’s big enough to fit my phone and charger. I usually keep a lip salve in the front pockets and maybe some sunscreen. The smaller zippered pockets protect change and keys from falling out.”

Kelly Prather, Graphic Designer

The Style: Emery Cold Weather Half-Zip
“I run almost every day and this jacket is great to grab and go. The pocket is on the sleeve, so it’s out of my way when I’m moving the most.”

The Stuff:
“I don’t need much when I’m on the run, but I always keep my key in the sleeve pocket and my phone in the back media compartment in case I get lost! Sometimes I’ll throw in a bag of almonds in case I get hungry and need to refuel.”

Erin McKenna, Merch/E-cat Coordinator

The Style: Jamie Mini Dress
“I love the look of this dress, but I really love the two front pockets! This added detail really makes it perfect for anything.”

The Stuff:
“I wear this dress from day-to-night, so at work, I’ll probably keep some lipstick and my mascara in the pockets. At night, I’ll skip wearing a bag and use the pockets for my phone, cards or keys.”

Find our favorite multi-pocket styles—that combine form and function—right here.


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