Team Travel Diary: Iceland Edition


We traveled far away to the land of fire and ice to shoot our final collections of the year. Glaciers, moss-covered canyons and black sand beaches awaited, acting as backdrops for our new outerwear, cozy sweaters and performance pieces. While our days were spent braving the elements to capture stunning photos, we also spent a significant amount of time on the road traveling from one location to the next. The long drives allowed us to admire the beautiful landscape and to take in some incredible sights like Seljalandsfoss, Diamond Beach near the Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and a 3-minute show courtesy of the Northern Lights! If Iceland’s on your must-visit list, see our team’s personal recommendations below.

What to pack: Layers (and more layers)
We took on Icelandic terrain with October’s collection in tow; you could say that we really put our new styles to the test. The weather can truly change at a moment’s notice, so layering is a must.

We packed windbreakers, long sleeves, chunky sweaters, warm socks, rain boots (anything with traction), beanies, gloves and jackets. See our complete list below:

• Our Fabletics faves were the fleece and water-resistant Gia Cold Weather Legging and the Hamilton Jogger over leggings.

•The Waco Puffer Jacket helped keep us dry and warm. On extreme days, we even wore the Moscow Coat under our puffer! Remember to keep extra clothes (and socks) in your car (or backpack) because you could end up soaked.

•The strongest industrial umbrella you can find—we’re not kidding; 30 mph winds will render your travel-sized umbrella useless.

•Sunglasses because it may unexpectedly clear up and the reflection bouncing off the water (beaches, waterfalls and lagoons) can be substantial.

•Camera, extra batteries and a portable, quick-charging charger for your phone. You’ll drain your battery quickly with the endless snapshots you’ll be taking of the unreal landscape.

Scarves: This fleece-lined essential will keep your neck and head super warm!

Where to eat: Gamla Fjósið
The team had an incredible dinner at a beautiful, rustic restaurant on the Hvassefell cow farm in southern Iceland. While there were several amazing restaurants in Reykjavic, this place was memorable because it was our first warm meal after a chilly, rainy day shooting at the black sand beaches. The menu focused on fresh and local ingredients, and the team enjoyed tenderloin steak from the farm, salads, lobster tails roasted in garlic and some amazing carrot cake!

What to drink: Brennivin
Our Icelandic crew treated us to this popular liquor on our last night. It’s an unsweetened schnapps and tastes like licorice. We also enjoyed a few light and refreshing cocktails with Reykjavik-distilled gin.

Where to visit: the Blue Lagoon Spa
With so much to see and do, from glaciers to black sand beaches, the Northern Lights (Sept-Feb) to stunning waterfalls, helicopter tours to nightlife in Reykjavik, a few hours to recoup at the Blue Lagoon is a necessity. The milky, geothermal water will do wonders to your skin thanks to the high levels of silica and other minerals; after four hours of relaxing in the warm waters, our skin was the softest it’s ever been! Also, say yes to every one of the sample masks, opt for an in-water massage (a dream) and have a glass of champagne because you’re relaxing after all! Be sure to book an appointment in advance because the spa fills up quickly.

The trip in 3 words…



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