Warm Up, Cool Down: Ginger’s Icelandic Workout


Hopefully, you’ve already seen the video of our team trip to Iceland—the one where I got to perform some pretty insane workout moves against some of the world’s most inspiring backdrops (if you haven’t, it’s right here). During the 4-day shoot, I was lucky enough to work out on a clifftop, a black sand beach and a volcanic rock formation, just to name a few! When we got back, seeing the video inspired me to piece it all together into an outdoor travel workout that you can complete anywhere, no glaciers (or freezing rain) necessary!



Always start and finish every workout with a few minutes of stretches. It’ll get you ready to sweat and prevent injury.

Start with a light jog to warm up your body. Jumping into a workout without any preliminary movement could be harmful to your muscles.


Unlike most ice-skater moves, where you jump back and forth from one leg to the other, this version only focuses on one side at a time. Begin by positioning your body a few feet to the side of your Bosu Ball (make sure you’re close enough so you can jump onto it). Now, jump sideways toward the ball, trying to keep your landing foot straight ahead as you land on the ball. When you land, sink back into a single leg squat in order to explode up and away from the ball in the same direction that you came from. You should land further away from the ball than when you started. Finally, take a nice low squat on the opposite leg, then reset to your starting point. Repeat 5-10 times before switching sides. Remember: start slowly as this move requires excellent balance.

Angle your torso to 45 degrees, offsetting your balance with your legs. Once you’re in that position, grab your medicine ball, pinch your shoulders back and press the ball up as high as you can while focusing on keeping your core as tight as possible. The biggest challenge with this exercise is to avoid rounding your lower back. The key is to overly emphasize “arching” your lower back. Finally, make sure to pinch your shoulder blades back before each medicine ball throw.


First, mark off about 10-20 yards of flat ground because all-out sprints can get very difficult very quickly (especially if you’re on rugged terrain)! Stand in a staggered stance, alternating which foot is forward every other sprint. Both feet should be pointed straight ahead (your front foot should be flat and you should be up on your back foot’s toes). Next, start running. As you’re sprinting, focus on driving off the balls of your feet, while pumping your arms straight forward and backwards. Go as fast as you can!

Find a flat surface and position your body on the ground into a plank position. Press your body up and down. If this is too challenging, bend your knees so they rest on the ground.

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed straight ahead. Squat down, plant your hands on the ground and shift your weight to your arms, jumping your feet back far enough to finish in the start of a push-up position. Complete one full push-up and jump your feet back up towards your hands to get into a squat position again. Finally, from a squatted position, explode up into a jump, reaching as high as you can!

After doing as many circuits as you physically can, make sure to take a few minutes at the end to stretch. Stretching helps rebuild the muscles that were activated during your workout.

Whether you’re planning an epic getaway soon or just trying to spend more time outdoors, this workout is best enjoyed in nature! Make the most of the environment around you, and of course remember to take it slow at first and stay safe.

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