How to Cultivate a Magnetic Personality


You’re at a party sipping a drink and networking. As your conversation with one group wraps, you look around the room for an opportunity to make the next connection. Then, a woman arrives and the whole place lights up. All eyes are on her as she moves through the room. It’s not about how she looks, how she walks or how she talks. It’s just undeniable; she’s magnetic.

What is it that makes certain people so mesmerizing? Since “magnetic” is one of the inspiration words for Fabletics’ November collection, we took the opportunity to investigate what mysterious traits make a person live up to that term, and how you can too. Take these four mantras to heart and you’ll be well on your way to embracing your inner magnetism:

1. You do you.
Not only do you know who you are but you’re not afraid to be you. You have a strong statement of purpose and are committed to operating with that as a foundation for how you move through the world. You don’t allow the lens through which others view you to affect your own self-worth. You are unapologetically you.

2. You let others do them.
People show you who they are and you believe them. While you make observations and discernments, you don’t control or judge them. You recognize that expectations are premeditated resentments. You accept people for who and where they are on their life’s path. You revel in diversity and freedom, realizing that you don’t have to make others wrong in order to be right.

3. You hold things lightly.
You are comfortable in your skin. You don’t take things personally. You are able to laugh at yourself and the absurdity of this thing called life. You go with the flow, let things roll off your back and forgive easily. You know that grudges are a waste of time and energy. Compassion is at the top of your list of values.

4. You connect.
The most powerful gift you can give someone is to witness them; to truly see them. You have an ability to slow down, get out of your own head and be present to others. You meet people where they are. You are willing to be vulnerable enough to level the playing field so that true connection can be made. AND at the same time, you know how to let go when it’s time to complete and say goodbye.

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  • Isabel Tweddle
    November 11, 2016

    Omg does she have hair on her arms?! Finally a real looking model!

  • bannvph00701
    February 9, 2017

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  • bannvph00701
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