This is how to Host Thanksgiving for Everyone


Picture the typical Thanksgiving table: Stuffed with turkey, dressing, creamy casseroles, sugar-laden desserts, and baskets full of rolls, it’s anything but a “healthy” feast. Yet there’s no reason that this holiday celebration can’t be a tasty and wholesome meal for everyone you’re inviting—even those with dietary restrictions. See below for some quick tips and tricks on how to accommodate everyone at your holiday table this year!



Photo Credit: Paul Delmont

“What?” you ask. “No Thanksgiving turkey?” If many of your guests are vegetarian or vegan, this holiday season may be the year to try going meatless (it’ll be just as delicious, we promise). Instead of waking up with the roosters to put the turkey in the oven, why not sleep in and put your effort into those delicious side dishes—the casseroles, the breads, and the sauces—or take a non-traditional route with a vegan shepherd’s pie?



Photo Credit: Paul Delmont

Make this year’s Turkey Day a healthy one by getting rid of all the processed carbs and overly sweet stuff—try cooking up a Paleo-friendly feast. This menu has it all, from a coconut-oil basted turkey to delicious cashew cream gravy. So come give thanks the way our ancestors did and we promise no one will miss the mashed potatoes.



Photo Credit: Paul Delmont

Thankfully, many of the traditional Thanksgiving delicacies we enjoy—turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans—are naturally gluten-free. It’s when you get to the stuffing and dessert that a problem arises. Simply by switching out regular flour for coconut flour or forgoing a traditional pie, your gluten-free guests will get to enjoy the ultimate holiday indulgences (that are also Paleo-friendly).

Finally, remember to give thanks for the hands responsible for the good food and drinks you enjoy this holiday season. Thank your local food workers and farmers—in person, if possible—and toast them with friends and family around the holiday table. Your Thanksgiving feast will taste that much better.

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