Create Perfect Cocktails with this Holiday Hack



If you’re planning to host friends or family this holiday season, you’ll surely feel the pressure for everything to be perfect, not least the food and drinks. Thankfully, we pulled together a couple of quick holiday hacks that turn two holiday staples—eggnog and champagne—into sweet sips that will be the talk of the party!



Peppermint Eggnog Martini

What you need:

• Mini Candy Canes
• 1-Ounce of Vodka
• 3-Ounces of Eggnog
• ½ tsp Liquid Mint Flavoring
• Honey

What you Do:

1. Crush your candy canes into small pieces and place them on a flat dish.
2. Line the rim of your glass evenly with honey.
3. Dip your glass into the crushed candy cane, being sure to get even coverage all the way around.
4. In a separate glass, combine eggnog, vodka and mint flavoring.
5. Pour the drink into the rimmed glass.
6. Add a candy cane for the perfect finishing touch.



Winter Worthy Champagne

What you need:

• Champagne
• Fresh Cranberries
• Long Toothpick
• Champagne Flute

What you do:

1. Carefully string the cranberries on to a long toothpick.
2. Pour the champagne into the flute, finishing it off with the cranberries right before serving.
3. For an added touch, freeze the cranberries to keep the champagne cool.

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  • Virginia Vella
    December 5, 2016

    Sam Powell with vegan eggnog?