This Fit Girl Can Party: Healthy Holiday Cocktail Alternatives


Holiday calendar

It’s that time of year when we suddenly pack on the pounds because we unknowingly drink too many calories. This is expected and believe me, I am no stranger to enjoying a cocktail or two. As a former bartender-turned-fitness-guru, I had to start thinking about healthier and more creative ways (but just as delicious!) to make drinks.  So this year, when attending or throwing a holiday party, choose your poison wisely with these delicious drink recipes. They will not only put you in that festive mood, but will leave your taste buds exploding with flavor.



Holiday cocktails


(1 oz.) Apple Flavored vodka

(.5 oz.) Domaine de Canton liquor

(.5 oz.)  Lemon juice

Muddled blueberries (always a great boost of antioxidants)

This beverage is shaken, poured over ice and topped with a dash of Martinelli’s for a delicious holiday spirit. This would be a PERFECT signature cocktail served at a holiday soiree!

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